Gabrielle P.

"I really love this work so far, I love that you use your personal life experience to teach, help and guide others. I love that your blog, talks and check-ins always seems to be in line with what I'm needing or what's on my mind that particular week. 

This time last year I was in Alaska, staying up until 5am, drinking WAY more, eating biscuits and gravy daily, and trying to stave off hangovers from the night before. I was stressed out because there was no organization or separation from work, living, work structure or anything else.

Six months ago I was in school and working three jobs, moving into a new space, feeling cluttered, taking no days for myself, constantly having breakdowns and meltdowns, and feeling pressure from school, family, relationship and friendship needs. I always had this overwhelming feeling of being rushed, my brain was always screaming at me, and my brain was SO foggy. I was eating anything I could get my hands on and 'blacking out' when eating chips, fries, burgers or wings.

Today, I’m starting fresh and work for a new place. My family expectations aren’t a factor. My schedule isn't a factor. When I eat, I usually avoid breads, look forward to eating tomatoes and cucumbers, and am comfortable saying no. My brain fog has cleared significantly (previously, I thought brain fog and forgetfulness were a permanent fixture in my life). 

This work is wonderful. It gives me a reference point to come back to every week so I don't trail off too far without knowing where I am."