Christina P.

"Although I understand the importance of eating well, that knowledge rarely, if ever, has translated to nutritionally sound eating practices…until now. For the first time in my life, my relationship with food is shifting in a positive direction.

Instead of positioning food so dichotomously (food will make me fat so I should eat minimally, OR food will make me feel good, so I should eat whatever I want because I deserve it), I see food more holistically. I already see, feel and experience the benefits of paleo-primal eating, including reduced PMS symptoms and boosts of energy throughout the day that do not rely on manufactured powders and bars imbued with chemicals.

I’ve received all kinds of compliments about how toned (and hot) I look :). Although I do not want to tether myself to external forms of motivation, it is nice to get that outside affirmation. Also, I went shopping for a business suit for my upcoming interview (woot woot!) and am down to a size 2. The last time I was this size, I was anorexic and food was the enemy. Now I am healthy, strong and satisfied, and food is delicious fuel for my body. What an amazing shift!”

TestimonialJennifer Wilson