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Get weekly support for simple eating and living.


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When it comes to healthy eating and living, it can be difficult to wade through all the advice out there. For those ready to commit to a simpler, more nourishing life, I offer two avenues for personalized support and accountability.

The Foundation

Want to eat and live in a way that’s healthy, delicious…and uncomplicated? Want clear, doable steps for getting started (and sticking with) healthy eating and living? Seeking a holistic, intuitive approach to changing your relationship with food?

In The Foundation, we will re-design your diet and daily routines, crafting clear steps that support expression of your fullest, most vital self.

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The Deep Dive

Feel like you’re fighting yourself and your body? The Deep Dive jumps into the work of unraveling unhelpful mindsets and patterns.

This intensive offers mindfulness-based and practical steps for making your body your ally. It is perfect for exploring overeating, emotional eating, eating addiction and eating disorders.

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Or perhaps a taste?

Try my Sugar Addiction ebook.

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Overcoming sugar addiction is so hard! And it's totally possible.

This guide offers 5 healing steps (and is helpful for changing other habits or addictions too).

It also gives a sense of what working with me looks like and comes with information on next steps, in case you're craving deeper work.

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So long as we’re a match, I’m open to possibilities!

As Alchemist Eating grows, I look forward to new connections and collaborations.

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