The Foundation


Online assessment

As a first step, you complete an online assessment. This helps us get a clear picture of where you are...and where you want to be. In this confidential online form, you tell me about your goals and challenges. You also fill me in on past and current eating patterns, lifestyle, health conditions, and anything else you want us to address over the coming months.

Launch Session

We dive in with a 45-minute launch call. During this session, I take a medical history and together, we review your eating and lifestyle patterns. Key places of focus include your personal goals and what you want most from our work together. This session typically includes targeted coaching as well. 

Plan of Next Steps

Following our launch call, I send you a summary of session takeaways and a clear plan of your next steps for eating and feeling better. Your customized, principle-based plan will include reflective well as practical action steps. This is NOT a cookie-cutter document but rather, a healing protocol tailored just for you.  

Monthly Coaching Calls

Each month, we meet for a 30-minute coaching call. This is a chance to celebrate successes, track progress, and target any areas of struggle or challenge.

Weekly Email Check-ins

Every Monday, we check in by online form and email. I review your food log, answer questions, and offer personalized feedback, homework and support.

Together with the coaching calls, these check-ins are in place to help you turn resolutions into new habits; navigate social situations, restaurant menus and other tricky spots; and provide compassionate accountability – holding you to your commitments in a way that's full of compassion and free of judgement.

Herbs & Supplements  

If you live in the United States, I may prescribe medicinal herbs and supplements. (The cost of these is not included in the package price, but I'll work with you to fit your budget.)

VIP  Add-ons

Depending on your preferences and needs, I'm happy to discuss special add-ons. Popular ones include: 

  • Extra email check-ins daily or mid-week

  • 10-minute check-in calls M, W, F

  • Daily text support

Cost & Sign-Up

$900 for 3 months $1650 for 6 months$2400 for 12 months

Contact me here to ask questions or to schedule!