Real Life: What's in My Fridge (& What It Says About Me)

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Seven months ago, after writing a post on simple back-to-school meal prep, I noticed stirrings of something to come – though I was unclear what, exactly, and realized implementation was a ways off.

The stirring was an uncomfortable one – a sign something was out of alignment in my present work. A sign my work needed and was almost ready to change again.

Specifically, I was pulled to write about the hard, personal stuff. I wasn’t quite ready at that time...and knew, as a doctor and coach, I’d need to navigate an edge between sharing the personal without making myself the patient.

The ah-ha moment came when I opened my fridge after publishing that meal prep post. As usual, it was nearly empty. (Like, seriously, empty – the only item in there was a half-empty carton of eggs!)

Meanwhile, I'd just shared a simple plan for “ensuring you have good, healthy, doable options on hand – enough to last several days minimum.”

Unless you’re me, and you suffer from “fear of too much.”

I longed to address the disconnect…but am also an introvert (who extroverts for a living!) and private person. I feel under no obligation to share what I’m working with in this space or anywhere else.

And, unless I specifically ask you, PLEASE no advice.

That said, being authentic and real is hugely important to me. As is acknowledging my humanness and vulnerability. So, a couple months later, I started this weekly Real Life series.

Do I regret it? Not at all. As I wrote about here, the series has offered a forum for more intimate conversation. Such a relief and joy to show up as I am, without trying to be anyone else or edit my authentic self.

That said, sharing doesn’t feel safe, helpful or wise when I’m still in the densest, most painful parts of processing or healing. For me, it crosses a line from sharing…to over-sharing. It goes from connecting…to disconnecting. It feels overexposed…and opens me up to advice or even “soothing” that I do not want and have not requested.

I’m still feeling out the edges of what this means, for me, and imagine what it means is different for everyone.

Anyway, back to my fridge. These days, as you can see above, it’s way fuller than it has been in months!

But…if you suffer another sort of fear – “fear of not enough” – it likely still looks quite sparse.

LingDao checks the fridge situation

LingDao checks the fridge situation

What's in our fridges has to do with SO much more than what's in our fridges!

What mine holds today (top-to-bottom):

  • Cod liver oil

  • Pasture-raised eggs

  • Full-fat coconut milk

  • Olives

  • Asparagus

  • A pot full of chopped veggies (= meal prep ;)

  • Raw cheese

  • Salted local butter

  • Mushrooms

  • Lemons

  • Zucchini

  • Spinach

  • Green onions

  • Not shown: 90% dark chocolate, hemp seeds, red wine, siamese cat number 2, a freezer full of recycling + trash (lest said cats create kitchen shenanigans)

What it says about me:⁣

  • I’m in recovery (and this will always be a practice).

  • I still have "fear of too much” (and probably always will).⁣

  • I create minimal waste (and finish what I have before buying more).

  • I mostly eat simple, real-food, plant-strong, low-carb, high-fat, paleo-primal.⁣

  • I’m not afraid of full-fat, nutrient-dense food (unlike 20 years ago, when in my 20s and a full-on sugar-carb-cardio addict).

  • I have to be super-vigilant fending off two cats after my raw cheese ;0.

If you’d like to hear more about my approach to eating disorders and addiction (including “fear of too much” and “fear of not enough”):

All this goes to say, I’m super-conscious that talking about what’s in your fridge can be super-vulnerable. But if you’re open to sharing what yours reveals about you, please do in the comments. ⁣

Meanwhile, thank you for honouring my own way of showing up – with honesty, vulnerability AND safe boundaries. Here’s to our continuous, shared human unfolding.

And a new place of navigating changes…

Speaking of vulnerability and changing things up with my business + online presence, you may have noticed my new gig as an advocate for safer, better skincare.

Truthfully, I still feel a bit uncomfortable around this (even though many other Beautycounter consultants are paleo-primal coaches AND doctors, including MDs!).

The last thing I want is to be someone everyone runs from, thinking I’m trying to sell you stuff or get you to sign up as part of my consultant team! That said:

  • I whole-heartedly believe in this women-run, change-driven B corps (more on that here).

  • I need to make a living and put tremendous unpaid time, energy and heart into maintaining this blog! I’ve also refrained from running Google ads, etc., in this space because I find them annoying on other sites (even though I totally get why others choose to use them to support their livelihoods; no judgement).

One thing that’s helping me navigate this still-new, still-uncomfortable place of “skincare sales,” is having a heart-centred accountability partner (who’s also a small business owner + my best friend). I don’t know anyone with more integrity than he has, and I check in with him regularly for feedback around whether I’m coming across as too salesy or pushy.

Just to say, please know I don’t take any of this lightly. I’m still a work in progress (always!!). But acting from a place of integrity is my anchor in business and in life.

That said, here’s my latest pitch ;):

  • Thru MONDAY ONLY, Beautycounter is offering 15% off site-wide for Friends + Family – if you use my consultant link, that includes you! This is a once-a-year sale and favourites are already selling out. To sweeten the deal if you shop with me, I’m including a FREE Jade Roller on purchases over $125 US ($150 CAD).

  • On the blog this week, I walk you through how to make these sorts of thoughtfully considered purchases part of a Skincare Self-Care Routine. I also share a short list of foods for skin health.

And…in the name of integrity + transparency, this post includes affiliate links. I earn a small commission on goods purchased through those links. I always select items I genuinely love and want to share. Thank you for helping me keep this blog up and running!

Also…hope, rainbows and this week’s…

Hope + rainbows, outside my cabin this week, Nelson, BC

Hope + rainbows, outside my cabin this week, Nelson, BC

Recipes + Links

Science says cheese is basically cocaine. I KNEW IT. So do my cats.

Simple, homemade tomato sauce with onion + butter. You know, to go with that parmesan.

The Cooking Index. Too. Fun. I barely cook (see above ;) but could get lost in here.

For heartbreak, take a trip. “I’ve been addicted to drugs for the past two years. Or one drug really...a boy. I see myself as a strong-willed feminist who knows her worth and knows what she wants. However, I had no power over this drug, no self-control, so I got my heart broken once, then twice, and then a couple more times. There’s no real cure for heartbreak, but there is an antidote… My antidote is travel. I book flights to far places, not to escape, but to reclaim my worth and my wants… I’ve discovered that different types of trips heal different parts of my soul and bring me back to life one piece at a time... So the next time you’re heartbroken, take a trip. It doesn’t have to be far, it can even be in your own city, but take yourself out of your current circumstances and rediscover the parts of yourself that you love. Know your worth and your wants, and don’t compromise. You’ll get over them eventually."

P.S., How do you get over heartbreak…and what’s your fridge say about you? If you care to share, meet me in the comments! xo.

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