Clean Eating: Are You Missing the Point?

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Next week, I'm packing moving boxes.

On September 1, I'm leaving my current home...and heading to a delightfully rustic two-bedroom cabin on the opposite shore of Kootenay Lake, five minutes out of town.

It's all wood and silence and solitude, with a weeping willow veiling me from others and windows opening to a stretch of sand and lake.

It's perfectly simple and perfectly me. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, I have boxes to pack. Know what I love about that? Ruthlessly editing my stuff yet again...and, in the process, going even more minimalist.

See, I like things really clear and really light. My closetmy desk, my home. These days, even my book collection is shrinking (finally!).

This is not about deprivation.

It’s about the ease and lightness that come from keeping things simple. It’s about being in love with space and spaciousness.

Kootenay Lake, Nelson, BC

Kootenay Lake, Nelson, BC

Oh, and that simplicity? Carries over to what’s on my plate.

Sure, I like to create fabulous, real-food feasts every once in a while...or treat myself to a decadent dessert.

But when it comes to everyday fare, my dishes are deliciously uncomplicated.

If you’re new to paleo-primal or considering giving it go, I recommend a similar approach. Specifically, I encourage you to keep “food rules” as minimalist as possible.

Why? Well, mostly, for the sake of ease. And for the sake of creating an eating pattern you’ll be able to stick with (and enjoy!) over the long haul.

Sure, there are various versions of real-food, “clean eating” out there. And sure, when working with clients, I offer individual-specific guidelines tailored to personal health and wellness needs. These bring powerful outcomes.

First and foremost though, my wish is for you to keep things simple, straightforward and doable.

My new home, come September

My new home, come September

Rather than fixate on whether this or that version of paleo or “clean eating” is best...or trying to master a complicated set of “can and can’t eats,” prioritize eating an abundance of real, nourishing food.

This includes high-quality protein, healthy fats, plenty of veggies, and a moderate amount of fruit, nuts and seeds. For some, it can also include high-quality, full-fat dairy. For many, it allows for a “sensible indulgence” every now and again too (dark chocolate, for instance).

Want to play with tweaking the specifics? Curious to try low carb, an autoimmune protocol or intermittent fasting? Go for it!

Whether you’re working with me or on your own, this is all a self-experiment. I definitely encourage you to engage in mindful investigation about how different foods and eating patterns affect your body.

That said, with some people, I’ve seen the forest get lost for the trees.

I’ve also seen fixation on details while missing the bigger picture lead to frustration and overwhelm...which then derails the entire process of changing eating patterns and reaching health and wellness goals.


Breathing in silence and solitude...

Breathing in silence and solitude...

What’s this look like?

First, focus on real, whole food. Second, make sure to include plenty of high-quality protein, healthy fats and veggies.

These are the priority. Everything else is extra.

Still intent on finding your optimal diet (which, by the way, is different for everyone)?

By all means experiment! But as you do, hold the details lightly. Keep your perspective expansive.

Also know you can always default to “minimalist food rules.” They, in themselves, are pretty fantastic – and will definitely be coming with me wherever I go.



Support makes creating a simple, abundant way of eating and living so much easier.

If you’re looking for that, I offer two avenues for personalized support and accountability: The Foundation and The Deep Dive.

For free support, also check out my Primal Eating with Ease ebook.

This guide shares 7 steps for finding ease and pleasure in eating real, nutrient-dense food, plus includes a meal plan and grocery list. Get it free with newsletter sign up here.

With grace + ease.

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