Real Life: Vulnerability, Body Image & Turning 44

4 Minute Read: Body image, vulnerability, aging, forty something, being human.

I turn 44 today. And really, that’s all I want to say about that ;).

I'm also preparing for the “Habits to Thrive Summit,” where I've been asked to speak about body image and vulnerability.⁣

I’ve touched on my own struggles with body image here. And this entire Real Life series is an exercise in vulnerability + sharing.

I'd love to hear what's most alive for YOU on this topic….and what you'd most like to hear about from me. Please share in the comments!

Beauty, peace & hope (on a walk through Nelson, BC)

Beauty, peace & hope (on a walk through Nelson, BC)

Also, I understand how tender such things can be, and feel genuinely honoured when someone shares them with me. I also feel honoured when someone listens to my own places of exploration and practice, so thank you for reading my posts! Truly means more than I can say.

If you’ve been following along here, you know I 100 percent emphasize how hard (even impossible) it can be to disentangle belief from reality when it comes to what we see in pictures or the mirror. If you’re working with this, I’ll offer a simple practice I shared with a client recently…

Start with these strands:

  • Where in your body feels good...or even just better? 

  • What's one physical feature you like? 

  • How would you perceive yourself if you were a kind-hearted person looking from the outside?

  • How, with eating and lifestyle choices, could you relax into knowing you've done “everything you could" to feel your best? 

These questions aren’t a “fix,” I know. But give them a try. See what arises.

Speaking of eating choices…

I reposted an article on Girl Scout Cookie relapse this week (applies to other sorts of relapse too ;).

Probably no surprise, but cookie binging (or other binging) is NEVER about the cookies. And addiction is NEVER about your drug of choice. What it is about…and steps towards shifting it, in the post.

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Also, this week’s…

Sitting with (from my wanderings through Nelson, BC)

Sitting with (from my wanderings through Nelson, BC)

Recipes + Links

How to navigate a special needs encounter. A stellar mom shares four things she wishes everyone knew.

How Bob’s Burgers became a coping mechanism. “Maybe ‘just going with it’ is at the heart of how Bob’s Burgers helps people cope. Linda grows out her armpit hair; Tina begins a relationship with…a ghost; Louise rides a tricycle way beyond the ‘acceptable’ age for tricycle riding. No matter what, the Belchers accept each other – even when the world does not.”

What does your fridge reveal? Mine is sparse at the moment…but clearly plant-strong, primal, keto. Meanwhile, the freezer is storage for trash + recycling (lest my cats create kitchen shenanigans).

Quick + easy keto plates. Perfect as the weather warms…and lighter fare comes in season.

Followed by…these chocolate truffles. It is my birthday, after all!

P.S., Please share what’s alive for you when it comes to vulnerability + body image thank you! xo.

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