Real Life: Are You a Town Mouse or Country Mouse?

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I return home to Nelson tomorrow after another self-retreat in Victoria. Unlike my February trip, this one was focused on networking and exploring relocating to Vic in July.

My time here has been delicious – especially daily hot yoga + hiking Mount Doug. And yet…after nine days, I’m craving more white space, silence, darkness, stars.

I love Victoria, but have become SO sensitive to lights, noise and person-made stimulation over the years. My whole body, mind + soul crave more nature...less machinery...more stars...less artificial light.

And yet, as cities go, there’s so much nature here!! It is on the edge of mountains, rainforest and sea, after all. Within minutes of hiking through Mount Douglas Park, a pair of bald eagles swooped low over my head. A red-tailed hawk and ocean view weren’t far behind.

So do I try to find a place at the quieter margins in Victoria…or elsewhere along Vancouver Island…or seek out a quieter spot back in the Kootenays? Truthfully, I do not know.

While in Vic, I lined up some Chinese Medicine remote work (did I mention how much I LOVE digital nomad life?) but decided to press pause before signing onto a new place just yet. My cabin lease in Nelson goes through June, so I have time to play with possibilities.

I’m also resting into knowing that any decision isn’t the end of the road. If needed or desired, there’s always a way to reroute. Meanwhile, my cats sure will be happy to see me ;).

How about you? Do you prefer town or country?

Bench, Mount Douglas Park, Victoria, BC

Bench, Mount Douglas Park, Victoria, BC

Mental health awareness

Personally, I have an aversion to “commemoration” months and days. This holds not only for occasions such as National Donut Day, but also bigger stuff – like declaring May Mental Health Awareness Month.

The former sort are too often an excuse for self-harm in the guise of self-care. The latter sanitize + commodify reality somehow…turning it into a requisite Insta post or something to check off an “I Care, I’m a Good Person To-Do List.”

Mental health and mental illness are part of being human. Feels off to me, boxing them into a month or a meme.

That said, I fully honour that some (or many!) find such commemoration supportive and healing. If that’s you, I back you 1000 percent. No question.

And, Mental Health Awareness Month or not, I’ll continue to share what I’m working with to support my own body-mind-spirit and that of my clients. Lately, it’s a mantra (and saying of the buddha) that goes this way:

What we ponder most becomes the inclination of the mind.

So, for instance, if we frequently ponder resentment and anger, our mind’s inclination or leaning is towards resentment and anger. Same goes for sadness and grief…or fear and despair…or joy and hope and gratitude.

Whatever we ponder most in our “story loops” becomes our default. It’s how we most strongly perceive and experience self + world.

It doesn’t make us “good” or “bad.” It's just conditioning and usually starts when we’re very young. As conditioning, it’s changeable.

Sure, it doesn’t change overnight...but by returning again and again to the practice, it can change – our minds, our bodies, who we are in relation to self and others...everything. 

So what are you pondering, mostly? Where are your thoughts? What are you practicing? Start right there.

And if that pondering isn't how you wish the inclination or leaning of your mind to be, change it. Then do it again. Be the custodian and caretaker of creating different conditions. In so doing, you’ll change the script, the story…your experience. Slowly, slowly...with patience, tenderness and time.

Also, hang in there. I get it. You are not alone this month or beyond.

Better beauty

Lastly, this post is a *must read* for anyone considering joining (or purchasing from) Beautycounter and feeling skeptical.

You can become a Bc consultant in Canada or the US, but since there are still very few Canadian consultants, the opportunity for Canadians is especially great right now.

Whether you're in Canada or the states, I’m growing my team and would love to talk about whether it'd be a good fit for you. Please contact me!

Being a Bc consultant can be a side hustle...or full-on...or "just" to get discounted products for yourself, friends and family. It can be through in-person sales…or all online (which is what I'm doing presently)…or a combination (which is what many do).

Not into makeup? Me neither!! But there’s a clean skincare line…and sunscreen…and a HUGE role for education + advocacy – a pivotal part of Beautycounter’s mission.

Just to say, there are a million ways to do it, depending on what works for you. It's totally flexible and you can change it up over time. Reach out if you're considering or have questions!

Meanwhile, this week’s…

View from Mount Douglas Park, Victoria, BC

View from Mount Douglas Park, Victoria, BC

Recipes + Links

Speaking of mental health, follow this Insta feed. Alessandra is my favourite source of self-care reminders.

Speaking of journeying from country to cityscape, give this a listen. Gil’s story of how doing so affected his mental scape and meditation practice hit home. My favourite line: “Sometimes simplicity is the route to the heart.”

Plus a listen on the many shades of love. Nikki’s exploration was equally evocative + resonant.

Want quick knowledge? Visit the children’s section. Says one Jeopardy champ: “I have a strategy of reading children’s books to gain knowledge. I’ve found that in an adult reference book, if it’s not a subject I’m interested in, I just can’t get into it. I was thinking, what is the place in the library I can go to to get books tailored to make things interesting for uninterested readers? Boom. The children’s section.”

Meanwhile, the NYT makes a compelling case for just doing nothing. Also sitting still…and cultivating creativity + clarity.

And if you’re looking for easy keto Mother’s Day recipes, start here. As a cat mom, I’m eyeing the low-carb lox omelet ;).

P.S., Do you prefer town…or country? I’d love to hear in the comments! xo.

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