Three percent less

3 Minute Read: Mindfulness, simple living, slow living, healing, self-care.

When working with clients, I often ask them to do “10 percent more” of something.

Something that nourishes them. Something they know makes them feel better. 

Could be eating delicious, real food.

Or taking time to stretch and move.

Or clearing clutter from their laptop or desk.

Or simply, pausing before an open window.

Whatever it is, I request just 10 percent more.

Often, this sort of homework is helpful for those struggling to get started with big changes. 

An alternative to all or nothing, “10 percent more” opens up space and alters the trajectory.

In that way, it makes the seemingly impossible possible again.


And yet…in my own life this week, “10 percent more” didn’t work.

For me, the struggle isn’t about doing more…but doing less.

My to-do lists have to-do lists, in other words. And I’m a little too good at getting stuff done. This was true even this week, while on an exceedingly rare vacation.

So I tried a different homework on for size, asking myself to do 10 percent less of what I’m overdoing.

But you know, that still felt off. Ten was just too much.

Checking in, investigating what was true, I eventually settled on 3.

Three percent less feels possible, for me, in this moment.

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Your turn.

Would 10 percent more of something be helpful? Or 10 percent less?

Is 10 too much? Not enough? Play with it.

Try both questions. Test different numbers.

Start with a percentage that feels impossibly high, then move down one number at a time, checking in along the way.

See what resonates – and what feels possible – for you, in this moment.

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With grace + ease.

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