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Do you have a Sunday routine? Does it stay the same…or shift over time?

I thrive on routines, rituals and systems. They create more ease and lightness in my life…plus lessen anxiety and rushing.

Part of what makes them work is periodic edits and adjustments. That way, they remain alive for me…and fit my real life rather than a fantasy life.

Last Sunday’s review of an iChing casting

Last Sunday’s review of an iChing casting

Over the past two months, my Sunday routine has seen big changes.

Prior to mid-December, Sunday highlights involved morning yoga with my partner, a simple lunch and “home stuff” on my own, and a few hours at my partner’s place in late afternoon/evening.

These days, on my own in Nelson and with a new winter schedule, things are different. One blessed change is I only teach Chinese Medicine and nutrition Monday through Thursday. This lets me devote Fridays to business admin + “home stuff,” bringing more spaciousness to the weekend.

Friday’s To-Do List includes:

  • Morning and evening yoga…plus a slow, nourishing lunch and dinner (Always. Every day.)

  • Laundry (My cabin doesn’t have a w/d, so this is very much a project.)

  • Garbage + recycling runs (I don’t have trash pick-up, so hit the waste station outside of town. The drive is stunning.)

  • Thorough house clean (I also do a little each day, so it’s no big deal.)

  • Food shop for the weekend and coming week (This ensures I eat simple, nutrient-dense, inexpensive lunches + dinners pretty much always.)

  • Cook up a pot of something to last a few days (Lately, I’ve been alternating between veggie-filled tomato sauces and curries.)

  • Business admin tasks and tidying (I nerd out on work routines + systems.)

With all that done on Friday, I feel way more relaxed come the weekend (even though I still work from home/coffee shops on those days).

Sunday, in particular, has been feeling extra-spacious. It’s also been shifting into an increasingly reflective, spiritually focused time. This is partly because I’m alone, and partly because I’ve checked off all the admin + home things.

Sunday’s To-Be List includes:

  • Yoga practice (This is how I open and close every day. Sometimes it’s in class; sometimes at home by candlelight.)

  • Slow lunch and dinner in solitude (Another practice that’s daily for me, and deeply savoured.)

  • Wintery walk through the woods or along the lake (I’ll often do this in the afternoon, when I used to head to my partner’s.)

  • Write in my minimalist bullet journal (In addition to my daily gratitude journal, I write in a second journal each Sunday, mapping areas of focus, intention and practice for the week ahead. Sometimes, I record iChing castings here too.)

  • Review what I’ve planned for the teaching week…plus my own client line-up and creative work, speaking of which…

One of my intentions this year is to thank newsletter subscribers by sending an extra treat each week. So far, subscribers have received a:

I’m sending links to the actual resources again this Friday, in case you missed them.

If you subscribe, what sorts of treats would you like to receive? Meanwhile, here are some…

Last Sunday evening, easing into the week ahead

Last Sunday evening, easing into the week ahead

Recipes + Links

Newly following. Inclusive, diverse, slow, sustainable.

Speaking of sustainable, here’s another to follow. Our choices affect everyone.

Speaking of slow, here’s how to break better. Plus good news for us middle-aged folks: “If you’re middle-aged and feel frustrated because you seem to work more slowly, take heart. You’re likely working at far more effective, complex levels than your younger co-workers.“ I knew it! ;)

Speaking of aging, here’s the secret. "If there is one characteristic common to friends who are aging with a graceful acceptance of life’s assaults, it is contentment. Some with life-altering disabilities – my blind friend, another with two prosthetic legs – are more serene and complain less than those with minor ailments. They accept the uncertainties of old age without surrendering to them… [R]ather than overhauling my life completely in the hopes of undertaking a fundamental change in the way I confronted aging, I felt the place to begin would be to start small, adopting a new approach to situations I encountered every day. A recent lunch provided a perfect example..."

New favourite driving music. The entire album is touching + fantastic.

New favourite yoga + dinner music. Again, the whole album. That cadence of piano, percussion + horns…just wow.

Wondering what to eat this week? Melissa’s line-up is stellar.

Do you have a Sunday routine? How about a bullet journal? Please meet me in the comments! xo

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