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Wow. My home of Nelson, BC, truly is stunning. I even love my cabin, despite this winter’s heating, water and septic challenges ;).

I plan to move when my lease ends in June, so I’m savouring these last months on Kootenay Lake (as least this go round). Also the people here. My heart swells.

Nelson will always be home, but I’m ready for a change of context and an infusion of newness. Where to next? Truthfully, Victoria tops the list. I’ve already booked a trip to explore options.

That said, I may not get Canadian permanent residency (should hear from Immigration in April!!!), in which case, I’ll likely return to the states but remain in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon, perhaps…or Washington. Another option is returning to Colorado, which has a fond place in my heart.

I love that all this is open. I love that I get to choose where to next. After all…

Everything in this pic revolves around my cats (including the sheepskin & heating pad in LingDao’s kitty bed)

Everything in this pic revolves around my cats (including the sheepskin & heating pad in LingDao’s kitty bed)

Spring is a waking up.

Speaking of which, happy spring! In case you missed it, I published a post this week on what Chinese Medicine says to eat this season. Find it here.

Spring is also a time to stretch…see things in a new way…engage with the world…and do something from a place of visualization and direction.

Springtime growth – and change – emerges from what we cultivated during winter. It manifests the results of winter’s inward-focused reflection and introspection, giving birth to something original.

For me, growing my coaching business is part of this. I posted about my new crush on Beautycounter here.

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to get a a FREE Facial Gua Sha Tool if you purchase $150 US in Beautycounter products thru my consultant link.

(If your order exceeds $150, make sure to choose the FREE GUA SHA TOOL at checkout.)

In addition, thru March 28, Beautycounter is giving away a FREE travel-size #1 Brightening Facial Oil on orders over $125 US / $150 CAD when you purchase through my consultant link.

Gua Sha with facial oil has become a daily part of my own minimalist skin + soul care routine. I highly recommend it – not "just" for improving skin tone and lymph drainage...but also easing facial tension, headaches and tmj.

I hope you all don’t find these sorts of shares too salesy…and not “real life” enough. I truly am passionate about using and sharing simple, clean skincare products. After all, what we put on our bodies has a huge impact on health + wellbeing! I want what goes on my skin to be as nourishing as what goes in my mouth.

Oh, and also check Beautycounter’s:

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about Beautycounter or why, as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, I'm a consultant + fan.

*As a consultant, I do earn a small percentage on sales but never promote products I don’t trust + love.

Whew, that was a meander! Spring’s expansive energy and all…plus this week’s…

Spring sunrise outside my cabin, Kootenay Lake, Nelson, BC

Spring sunrise outside my cabin, Kootenay Lake, Nelson, BC

Recipes + Links

On sober queer spaces. Creating “more options, more spaces, for each other.”

On airplane food. I fast on travel days…but am all for resting from choice: “In today’s industrialized world, where unlimited choice has become considered by many to be the ultimate luxury, I find the scarcity of options on a plane strangely liberating. Flying puts me in a kind of primal state that has become rare on the ground: I can’t run away, I have to rely on a total stranger to bring me safely across an ocean, I can hardly move in my seat, I must eat pasta or chicken. That may sound terrifying, but on the other hand, it makes the moment when the food arrives quite a highlight, no matter how weird it looks or smells.”

Are you a same-luncher? I am – again, resting from choice. Plus, “when accounting for the totality of human experience, it is the variety-seekers – not the same-lunchers – who are the unusual ones.”

Would you try Refrigerdating? “Hey, love that spicy taco sauce…”

Wondering what’s in your beauty products? Good – because the government has no clue.

Wandering, wonder and mental health. “As most of our interactions become abysmally transactional, an aimless walk is refreshing because it asks nothing of its participant except to get up and get out... All it requires, I think, is a gentle dose of indifference to life’s tedious demands and a commitment to turning inward for a moment. With every step taken, the pedestrian then becomes the pilgrim, and her journey is hers alone.”

P.S., What’s springtime mean for you this year? xo.

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