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3 Minute Read: Simplicity, ritual, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, healing.

These days, I live alone in a little house near an enormous lake. Surrounded by mountains and nestled on a tiny side street, it's delightfully quiet and still. 

My living room "furniture" consists of a yoga mat and small desk made of repurposed wood. A short stack of cherished books is always close by (along with a siamese cat or two).

In life and home, I prefer beautiful, nourishing, simple.

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This brings spaciousness and ease. It helps me feel whole.

I approach food and eating the same way: Think local eggs, fresh fish, veggies, dark chocolate:). 

an abundant, nourishing diet doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Beyond what’s on my plate, this encompasses the ritual of eating too.

Like sitting quietly and savouring morning coffee from a hand-crafted mug.

Like the comfort of keeping a slow-cooker going in wintertime...and the delight in sipping its broth-y goodness.

Like pausing a moment before dinner, lighting a candle and saying, “Thank you” before first bites.

simple rituals feed me...as does being Home.

Photos by    Bobbi Barbarich

Photos by Bobbi Barbarich

Have rituals of your own?

If so, please share! If not, I encourage you to play with this over the next while:

Choose a time when you regularly eat a meal (or have coffee or tea), and try weaving ritual into the experience.

  • Three conscious breaths

  • A silent or spoken prayer or mantra

  • An expression of gratitude for your food, and how it nourishes you

These are just examples, and ritual can take infinite forms. But make it something simple – something easy. Do it for a full week. See what arises.

Notice whether slowing down, finding simplicity, and pausing for ritual helps you feel nourished, cared for, Home.

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In integrity + alchemy.

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