Real Life: Secondhand Sweaters, Siamese Cats, Best Microphone Ever

4 Minute Read: Fall, secondhand sweaters, siamese cats on leashes, best microphone ever.

Late August already… How’d that happen? How are you doing? I wrote earlier this week about the shift in seasons, including what to eat and why we should rest from choice. Get that post here.

LingXu, resting from choice

LingXu, resting from choice

Personally, I love edging towards colder months and have been relishing the hint of fall on recent mornings. I do feel spoiled this summer, having escaped hot days in Nelson with my move to Victoria (though I sure do miss that mountain tree line at dusk).

LingDao, never resting

LingDao, never resting

The hood

My rental apartment has been quite noisy lately, which is unfortunate – construction across the street during the day, and loud visitors above during the night. Sigh. My entire being thrives on quiet.

In lighter neighbourhood news, there’s a man who walks his very large, male siamese cat on a leash around the block and past my house each morning, afternoon and evening. He’s often smoking a joint (the man, not the cat), sometimes drinking a beer, and occasionally engaging in pleasant conversation (with the cat, not me). In view of my own crazed (un-leashable) siamese companions, watching this is a beautiful, calming, miraculous thing.

Also, a woman dropped off a $15 pile of used sweaters the other day. They were her daughter’s, aren’t really my style, and will find their way to a donation box shortly. But I wanted to wrap myself in someone else's clothes for a minute. Sweaters. At home. Like a no-strings-attached hug (which, turns out, was just what I needed). Is this weird? I'm okay with that.

Home recording studio, Alchemist apprentices included

Home recording studio, Alchemist apprentices included

Microphone magic

After weeks of audio recording for Alchemist Academy’s first course – Roots + Shoots: An Alchemist Guide to Chinese Herbs – I chose to scratch the tracks and start over. In brief, my piece-of-shit headset was not cutting it.

So I broke down, walked to Best Buy, and bought a Yeti Blackout. OMG what a difference. I am in love. This is one of those purchases I will be grateful for with each and every use. Makes starting back at the beginning worth it (did I mention I have a perfectionism problem?).

If you want more details on the first course, find them here. And stay tuned by signing up here.

Not a Chinese Med student but still interested? Contact me and we'll chat! Also, sign up at the same link to receive word on coming eating + lifestyle courses.

Meanwhile, some consciously curated…

Oh that the whole household were this quiet…

Oh that the whole household were this quiet…

Recipes + Links

Lemon olive oil sorbet for a father’s birthday. Plus a deeply resonate story of relationship.

Simple, beautiful tomato eggs. I’d sub out the canola and rice, but this looks lovely.

Might even add Magic Green Sauce. Another simply delightful creation.

A listen on wishing well for difficult people. After all, we are someone’s difficult people!

A listen on things you can do for depression. Psst…it starts with food.

P.S., Are you ready for fall? What’s your favourite part? xo.

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