Self-Care Sunday vs. Sunday Scaries

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One of the number 1 perks of quitting a less-than-healthy day job and shifting back into full-on self-employed status is No More Sunday Scaries. You know – the dread that hits Sunday upon anticipating (or trying to stuff down) Monday.

For me, it usually arrived as early as Saturday…and stretched through the weekend.

My mantra this past while has been: “Don’t sign on to anything that causes dread.”

A huge weight lifted in embracing that, even as I work as hard as ever doing what I love.

Even if you can’t make your own work schedule, there are still powerful ways to reframe your weekend and take back Sundays, starting with…making it a day of self caring.

Yes, I know “self-care” is terribly hackneyed and commodified at present. Ignore that for a minute. Because…

Photo by Jen P., Unsplash

Photo by Jen P., Unsplash

The most important self-care is boring self-care.

Truthfully, I don’t find it boring! Still, it’s not exactly the stuff of FOMO Insta feeds. Find a loooonnnggg post on my self-care routines, what I eat, and more here. But in brief, I’m talking:

  • A healthy food shop + meal prep (even just a few staples, like cauliflower rice and chopped veggies)

  • A fridge clean out (I do this weekly, before my main food shop.)

  • Savouring slow, mindful, nutrient-dense meals that make you feel better, not worse (every day – not just Sunday!)

  • Prioritizing sleep (I cannot stress this enough.)

  • Engaging in deliberate rest (I cannot wait to do a whole post on this book once I’m done.)

  • Going slow…and doing one thing at a time without rushing (always)

  • Practicing yoga, meditation or some other form of mind-body-breath-spirit practice (This is how I begin and end every day, without exception.)

  • Taking a walk outdoors (Lately, I’ve been enjoying afternoon strolls along the Rail Trail above town.)

  • Prepping your house, clothes and schedule for Monday and the week ahead (Your future self will thank you So. Frickin. Hard.)

  • Tidying and decluttering your living space, to-do lists and digital files (I do this on Saturdays currently, and cannot tell you how much it helps me relax!)

  • Settling into a restful Sunday evening (Light a candle, play chill jazz on Spotify, romance yo’ self!)

If all that sounds overwhelming, start simple. Pick ONE or TWO things that’ll have the biggest impact on how you feel…and offer the biggest defence against Sunday dread. Leave the others for another day (Saturday, perhaps ;). Except sleep. Get sleep.

Want extra indulgence in 3 steps?

Okay, okay, so here comes the self-care commodification bit ;). If this isn’t for you, no problem! Just head back to part 1, which truly is the important stuff.

But…to unwind, soak away Sunday scaries, and prepare your skin for the week ahead, here’s how to do it the cleaner, better beauty way.

Step 1 – Meet Your Mask

Start with a detoxifying Charcoal Mask that deep cleans + clarifies pores (pairs well with a good bath).


Step 2 – Double Down on Hydration

After bathing, apply nourishing Body Oil to damp skin – it absorbs more quickly that way. Then, add a layer of Body Butter, which melts into the skin to replenish moisture.


Step 3 – Sleep Away Stress

This best-selling Overnight Resurfacing Peel clears away dull surface cells and improves skin texture while you sleep, so that you meet Monday with your best face forward.


P.S., More skin stuff

In my last Real Life post, I spoke at length about why I love using and sharing safer, nontoxic beauty + skincare.

I also talked about growing my “team” and how being a Beautycounter consultant can look all sorts of ways, depending on what works for you. (Could even be part of Plan Combat Sunday Scaries!)

Contact me to chat about joining or to ask questions. Currently, consultants can be based in the United States or Canada. Because there are still very few Canadian consultants, there’s extra opportunity here!

Meanwhile, here’s to Sunday self caring. Doing anything special for yourself? Please share + inspire in the comments!

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