Real Life: Taking a Leap, Opening to What's Next

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Well, this was a week. Frozen pipes, freezing cabin, overflowing septic tank, sick cat, managing massive weather in my mini...sigh. Don’t get me started on snow shovelling pre-dawn.

And yet, I feel more buoyant and hopeful than I have in a while. The reason? I gave notice. After the conclusion of this term, I will be leaving my teaching job.

Photo by Ilkka Karkkainen, Unsplash

Photo by Ilkka Karkkainen, Unsplash

To be super-clear: I love teaching and adore my students.

I do not love my current situation. So, after three years of trying to make it work, I finally found the strength to say: I choose not to do this anymore.

I will try with my whole heart, mind and soul to make my own business stand on its own without backup.

If it’s not quite ready, I’ll explore other side jobs. But one thing is clear: I will NOT say yes to any employment that sparks dread or feels out of integrity. Not. Worth. It.

I will doubtless write more on this in the months to come, but for now just know a weight has lifted.

I’m high on the lightness, spaciousness and possibility that comes from not knowing what’s next.

How do you do with quitting or saying no to situations, jobs and relationships that aren’t good for you?

  • Have you ever radically quit something or someone…even when your rational mind or others cried out well-meaning but ultimately bad advice?

  • If so, what newness came in when you said “life is too precious and short”…and went for it?

  • If not, what’s holding you back?

Meanwhile, here are this week’s…

Photo by Jack Rains, Unsplash

Photo by Jack Rains, Unsplash

Recipes + Links

Simple, natural skincare. Did you catch my mini post on facial gua sha this week? Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Seeking a cozy coffee alternative? Christina shares a delightful recipe plus explains golden milk’s benefits. The warming spices are Chinese Medicine herbs as well – just beware if you’re already overheated, in which case this isn’t your ideal drink. I’d use unsweetened coconut milk and switch the sugar to a half-teaspoon of honey. 

The salted egg. “The Essential Techniques for the Peasantry, written for the Chinese home cook 1,500 years ago, includes this instruction for preparing salted eggs: “Soak a duck egg in brine for one month.” Another method, at the link.

Fast, easy weeknight fare. When waiting for said egg isn’t an option.

Would you try deeper dating? “Achieving this connection requires a willingness to be vulnerable, first and foremost, but also a commitment to enjoying or learning from the few hours you have with someone, honouring their most human traits, too – even if the romantic attraction or ‘spark’ isn’t there.”

Speaking of which, is it okay to eat off a date’s plate? Yea or nay?

P.S., How do you do with saying no + standing in your sovereignty? I’d love to hear in the comments. xo

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