Real Life: Coffee Shops & Seasonal Projects

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Oh, hey. How’s your fall going? I’m experiencing my first one living in Victoria, BC. Though I miss September along Kootenay Lake, Victoria is suiting me nicely.

As I write this post on a rainy, moody Thursday morning, I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop. There’s mellow jazz playing. The decor isn’t overly posh. The vibe: a bit melancholy, totally sweet.

Habit Coffee, downtown Victoria, BC

Habit Coffee, downtown Victoria, BC


I don’t have tons to share here this week – for the most part, my public self is still taking a minute.

Still, I’ve been making it a practice to contact newsletter subscribers individually. If I haven’t reached out to you, don’t take it personally – I’m making my way through a long list, emailing a few people each day…without an agenda, with care.

My thought is to get to know subscribers a little better (as well as what you’d find most helpful). So far, the experiment has been a delight! I love hearing where you are in the world (turns out, many of you are in Europe!), how you came across this blog, and what’s most alive for you right now. Big thank you to everyone who’s taken time to write back – truly touches my heart.

Seasonal projects

The other big thing I’ve been up to, aside from client work, is polishing my Roots + Shoots course (now available for purchase at Alchemist Academy).

And…I’m creating a Seasonal Eating + Living Kit.

This will be available through Alchemist Academy too; sign up there to be the first to know when it’s ready. The Kit will include Chinese Medicine guidelines for eating and living with the seasons…worksheets on food flavours and temperatures…and other fun goodies.

Anyway, stay posted and stay warm. Meanwhile, here are some…

Digital nomad life on a Thursday morning in September

Digital nomad life on a Thursday morning in September

Recipes + links

How to nurse your baby in public. You know, so you don’t annoy the bystanders.

12 questions to ask your partner at dinner. Have others to add? Please share in the comments!

You had me at kimchi carbonara. I’d use spaghetti squash and haven’t had bacon in many months. Still, here's to keeping carbonara weird. Also, meet my new blogger crush.

A powerful read on the non-linear path to sobriety. Psst…sobriety and recovery don’t have to mean from alcohol. The message holds for other drugs of choice too, including sugar, binge eating and shopping addiction (just to name a few).

What are you up to this September? Have a favourite coffee shop? xo.

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