Real Life Talk, Changes & Cat Pics

3 Minute Read: Changes, selfies, stock photos, siamese cats, cabin life, spiritual practice.

It’s an interesting thing, being human…and being doctor, practitioner, teacher, coach.

My work is sourced from the being human part and spiritual practice as a taoist and yogi – all else comes after.

In this space – my website, blog and social media more generally – I feel changes emerging. I’m not sure of their contours yet, but it has to do with sharing more of me and my own continuous becoming. Here it goes…

Impromptu bathroom selfie #allvibeswelcomehere #darknessandlight, with my iPhone XS

Impromptu bathroom selfie #allvibeswelcomehere #darknessandlight, with my iPhone XS

As a private person and a practitioner, navigating expression of the personal in my professional space is very much a work in progress and place of ongoing exploration.

My content is always sourced from life and practice – I don’t know how to do otherwise! That said, the online version feels extra-stripped of personal details.

LingXu & LingDao: All hands on heater (cabin life is cold), with my iPhone XS

LingXu & LingDao: All hands on heater (cabin life is cold), with my iPhone XS

What’s this mean for the blog?

I’m still not sure! But one easy place to start is images. In the years of running my business, I’ve circled from “selfie” to “stock.” Now, I’m drawn to an in-between place.

I’m nowhere close to professional in my picture-taking skills…but feel pulled to share more glimpses of my real life (and cats!) rather than shiner, super-polished stuff.

As for writing, here too I’m pulled to share more of me. But, to be honest, I’m still feeling out what that looks like…and what feels professional, helpful and safe.

Bedtime (re-)reading, with my iPhone XS

Bedtime (re-)reading, with my iPhone XS

What are you looking for?

Truthfully, what I choose to share and how I shape this space has mostly to do with me and what I find most useful in serving clients. That said, I’d LOVE to hear what you’d like to see here.

What would be interesting…and helpful? Please let me know in the comments!

LingDao on a Monday, with my iPhone XS

LingDao on a Monday, with my iPhone XS

How’s Your LIfe going?

If you’re navigating changes, caring support makes it way easier.

I offer two avenues for customized plans + coaching:

The Foundation and The Deep Dive.

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Wishing you more of what fills you.

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