Real Life: Schedules & Soundscapes

4 Minute Read: Simple living, time shaping, soundscapes, lifestyle design.

Truthfully, I was going to skip out on Real Life this week…but woke up, started writing, and here we are.

It’ll be a short one, I suppose, without big news or major revelations.

Days are full…and mostly good. I wrote a lengthy post earlier this week sharing an updated snapshot of my schedule plus tips for shaping your own.

LingDao’s version of “talk to the hand”

LingDao’s version of “talk to the hand”

I love crafting routines and find the topic fun…but sometimes wonder who else could possibly care about my compulsively, er, thoughtfully curated work day. Turns out, somebody does, because that post was picked up for publication in The Startup – “Medium’s largest active publication, followed by +458K people.” #nbd ;)

I’ve been super-focused on scheduling lately because life remains in the throes of major shifts + unknowns.

Some of this is spectacularly grand (no more Sunday scaries, for instance, which I wrote about here).

Other aspects are, well, becoming a wee bit stressful.

Most notably, I still haven’t decided where to live come June 24, when I have to leave my current rental. What’s your vote for my summer whereabouts? Drop it in the comments with cheers + a wish :).

Meanwhile, I’m savouring these days and evenings…looking out at the lake and etching moments in my heart.

Last night, while practicing yoga before dinner, the soundtrack was perfect: children's laughter outside and to my left…lake waves lapping out front and to my right…bird songs up above…chilled jazz drifting from behind. Ahhhh…. What's your favourite soundscape?

I think I’ll leave it there today but would love to hear from you. Please say hello in the comments! Meanwhile, here are a few…

Oh, hey. That’s me doing an impromptu selfie thing.

Oh, hey. That’s me doing an impromptu selfie thing.

Recipes + Links

Science’s newest miracle drug is free. No surprise here. Why are we always complicating things? Speaking of which…

Are you entranced by a quantified life? Does it really make things better?

Just buy the fucking latte. You know, while still budgeting Like. A. Boss.

How I broke breakfast. An intriguing, witty read…even for a Non-Breakfast Eater like myself. That said…

Allow me to convince you to take a lunch break. I always do – no matter how full the day. Turns out, "employees who take regular lunch breaks are more engaged in the workplace.”

And for dinner, how about harissa portobello mushroom tacos? Simple, vegetarian, paleo, mmmmmm.

P.S., What’s your workday line-up look like lately? I’d love to hear in the comments! xo.

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