Real Life: Intentions & Manifestation

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Yay! You’re here for Week 2 of this new series! Each Sunday, I’ll be sharing glimpses of my real life, including things that are up for me and how I’m working with them.

I’ll also feature recipes + links I’m finding yummy lately.

I hope you enjoy…and invite you to meet me in the comments with your New Year’s resolutions!

Last night, every night, and where we’ll be New Year’s

Last night, every night, and where we’ll be New Year’s

I love that this week’s post falls just before New Year’s.

Personally, I’m not much for resolutions in a New Year’s kind of way. When it comes to expectations, the ones I place on myself daily tend to be impossibly high and even unkind. Pretty much always, more softness and grace are what’s needed – not extra resolutions come January 1.

That said, I fully support others who lean into New Year’s to jumpstart helpful habit shifts.

I even have a whole post on that scheduled for late January (when resolve tends to lag ;). It will explain why willpower doesn’t work – and offer tips for what does turn resolutions into habits.

In full transparency, that post is also a promo for my Deep Dive. I like this intensive because it’s a customizable entry point for those not ready for my my full-on coaching package. If you want Resolution Back-up once 2019 is underway, stay tuned!

Personally, I need steady, sustained, year-round systems to navigate intention and change.

For instance, I keep a little black book of weekly places of practice, focus and intention. I envision sharing pictures of that in this series eventually.

I also record simple, straightforward monthly and yearly business goals in Asana (an online project management tool I use to keep my big picture, workflow, projects, content creation, and client work sorted). I review and update these on the first of every month, when I also record my monthly business stats and earnings in Evernote (an online note-taking tool, which I use as a file cabinet of sorts).

These systems and others anchor me throughout the year.

Come January, I also get clear on what I want more and less of in the year ahead.

Some years, I chose a theme word: Last year’s was Faith. As we move into 2019, what’s arising for me is: Less Struggle.

Part of this relates to my existence here in Nelson, BC, Canada – where I completed Chinese Medicine school and currently teach herbs and nutrition. At 43, I have lived in Nelson longer than anywhere else as an adult. It is my home. And…I am STILL here on a work visa (meaning, I can work for my sponsoring employer but nowhere else in Canada).

I’m immensely appreciative that my own business is all long-distance. In my capacity as a “digital nomad,” I work with clients all over the world and am not dependent on place. This freedom and flexibility is gold.

That said, lack of sovereignty and independence in my location-based home is stressful and claustrophobic. It definitely creates unwanted struggle.

So, back in November, I sent off a Permanent Residency application with hopes, dreams and prayers. PR is a step before citizenship and would afford me all the rights of a citizen except voting. This includes working anywhere I choose in Canada without fear of having to leave or worry about work visas.

Getting PR would truly make my 2019 one of less struggle and more ease. Please wish me luck!

Meanwhile, I am deeply grateful for the blessings and places of ease I DO enjoy in my life. There are so many!

I wish you an abundance of ease in 2019…and here are some things to eat, read, watch and listen to this week…

Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, with my iPhone

Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, with my iPhone

Recipes + Links

Minimalism makes space for what you really want. I’ll be sharing more simple living posts on Instagram this next while.

This simple soup is just my style too. It’s nutrient-dense, whole-food, plant-based, vegan, paleo, Whole30, easy, minimal ingredients, warm, delicious.

Partnership can look all kinds of ways. Here’s to exploring possibilities and making our own rules.

Have you seen Road to Calvary? It’s full of love, angst, tragedy, classical music, fur hats, darkness and winter. If you're not into Russian with subtitles, Outlander and The 100 are stellar too. All three spotlight beautiful, badass women.

Speaking of darkness and winter, this is my current soundtrack. I listen to it each morning on a pre-dawn drive to yoga along our breathtaking mountain lake. “Gravity” touches my heart; “Avalanche” takes my breath away.

Anyone else get excited about personal finance? I didn’t used to, that’s for sure! But since discovering YNAB last year, my earning, spending and savings have radically transformed. *This is an affiliate link: If you sign up for a free trial and end up subscribing, we both get a free month – or just bypass that, but still check them out!

And in playful, maximalist news, here's what to wear if you're staying home this New Year's. I'll be in bed before ten wearing pjs (but might try the knit boy shorts next year ;).

I’d love to hear your intentions for the year ahead…and what you’re reading or watching lately! Please send me a note or share in the comments! Wishing you a 2019 full of wonder and ease. xo

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