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Well, hi there…here on my month anniversary living in Victoria, British Columbia. On the one hand, the weeks have passed so fast I can hardly believe it. On the other, my Nelson home seems so far away.

I was feeling pangs of homesickness yesterday…then realized it was the one-month mark. Nelson folks, know you and Kootenay Lake are in my heart!

Along with wandering Victoria and doing Alchemist Eating work, I’ve been full-on immersed in a brand new passion project. Find a soft launch of sorts here, here and here.

Much more is happening behind the curtain…but the organically evolving vision will take a minute to manifest. What vision, you ask?

Alchemist Academy: Learning, community + continuing ed for Chinese Medicine wizards

The big picture looks like this:

Though I’m siting at the helm as CEA (Chief Executive Alchemist ;), I’d love to have Alchemist Assistants + Apprentices down the line.

Alchemist Academy will live on an online platform and will eventually include two tracts:

  • Chinese Medicine (courses, memberships, tutoring and apprenticeship for students and practitioners)

  • Alchemist Eating (eating + nutrition courses and memberships for anyone!)

I’m starting with the Chinese Medicine tract and will be rolling it out course by course. Here’s the line-up of initial offerings:

Self-guided online courses

  • Roots + Shoots: An Alchemist Guide to Chinese Herbs

  • Brews + Potions: An Alchemist Guide to Chinese Formulas

One-on-one time

  • Alchemist Masterclass: One-on-one tutoring

  • Alchemist Apprentice: One-on-one mentorship + case study support

Online membership

  • Chinese Medicine Wizard Plan: online community included in course and one-on-one enrolment

Photo by Marco Zuppone, Unsplash

Photo by Marco Zuppone, Unsplash

Truthfully, I have lots more planned…including the entire Alchemist Eating tract!

Most likely, the third online course will be Yang Sheng Fa (Nourishing Life Principles) and cover eating + lifestyle. Though rooted in Chinese Medicine, it’ll be a beginner offering open to anyone.

Meanwhile, I'm working on the inaugural Roots + Shoots course day and night.

Trust: Solo course creation is a massive undertaking. That said, I’m drawing on materials I’ve created over the past 10 years…plus recording a whack of audio lessons. What’s more, my heart + soul is All. In.

Watch for details on the Roots + Shoots course – my goal is to launch this September.

That way, it’ll be ready for students wanting extra study or review support come fall. Not a Chinese Medicine student but still interested? You’re totally invited to the party!! Stay tuned by signing up here.

Do you have a passion project you’re putting off? Three things…

Thing One: See here, on self-imposed upper-limiting.

Thing Two: In 500 years, no one is going to care whether you seem crazy today.

Thing Three: Choose the bigger life, whatever that means to you.

I’d love to hear how this lands – meet me in the comments! Meanwhile, this week’s…

Photo by Yifeng Lu, Unsplash

Photo by Yifeng Lu, Unsplash

Recipes + Links

A trick for reading more books. Personally, I set a timer and read every night after yoga and before dinner. The result? I’ve finished two books in the last two weeks.

A trick for wooing picky eaters. What would you put in picky-eater muffin tins?

Hemp cauliflower oats, oh my. Cauliflower and hemp seeds are regulars for me, but I hadn’t considered combining them for a bowl of "oats." How delightful!

See also, poached radishes. Speaking of delightful!

And for your lunchbox. Here are 27 ideas. I eat at home these days, but still prep my lunch each morning so it’s ready to go when I return from yoga. Currently, I’m loving bowls featuring soft-boiled eggs, blueberries, hemp seeds, avocado and whatever veggies I have on hand.

Lastly, a magic grid of salad dressings. What’s your favourite? I’m eyeing the pesto vinaigrette and creamy dill blend.

P.S., Got a passion project? Large or small, I’d love to hear about it! xo.

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