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Not gonna lie. I am scared. A big drive in my little mini awaits this Sunday, when I move most of my belongings from Nelson to Victoria – a 747-kilometre route that’s new to me.

There’s a ferry involved…and tolls…and long stretches without cell service. Truthfully though, it’s the city driving I fear.

Do I sound like a sissy? I am. I’ve travelled and lived solo many places in this world, including Africa…Asia…the Middle East…Mongolia. But I wasn’t driving ;). Wish me luck.

Also, here's to crowdsourcing moving details. And to savouring numbered days in my current home. The birds outside are nuts! Geese, ospreys, eagles – oh, my!

Bathroom selfie this week

Bathroom selfie this week

New monthly series: What I’m into lately

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The June edition includes my protocol for healing cat scratches (on my FACE!) and preventing scarring generally. It also touches on my relationship to tofu (a paleo no-no) and why I'm eating a teeny bit lately (shhh).

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Chinese Medicine self-care

Did you know Chinese Medicine is OG self-care? There’s a foundational part of our practice called Yang Sheng Fa, or “Nourishing Life Principles.”

It encompasses diet and lifestyle practices that align with the seasons while also accounting for individual factors, such as age, health, constitution and life conditions.

This week over at DAO Labs, I shared a Chinese Medicine Prescription for Simple Self-Care.

I started working with DAO Labs recently and am super impressed. They've turned powerful, traditional formulas into something tasty ;).

Chinese herbal medicine is a centuries-old, time-tested science and art (one I learned in a 5-year doctor program and now teach). Best practice in prescribing begins with an individual intake with a skilled practitioner. This is how to find the most effective formula for you.

Still, I realize not everyone goes about it that way. And not everyone wants their herbs to taste like, well, herbs. I’m excited that DAO Labs is sharing convenient, yummy (!) remedies for common complaints. All formulas come in individual packets or canisters, making them easy for you to enjoy at home or on-the-go.

If you’re into collagen-infused coffee or tea, definitely check their brand new Joint Vitality powder.

It combines a time-tested herbal formula with collagen and coconut oil – perfect for up-levelling your bulletproof beverage while supporting bone + joint health! Use the code DANA at checkout for 10 percent off all orders.

CBD sourcing

Speaking of partnerships…you may have noticed I’ve been weaving select affiliate links into this space. I’m curating these with utmost care – only sharing what I use, trust and love.

Be assured, I’m doing this methodically rather than piling things on willy-nilly. Right now, my line-up includes:

My intention is to round out this collection with two more: a quality, well-sourced CBD product…and an unknown “other” (leaving space for play + possibility).

I source the CBD I use locally, but am seeking a match that ships to Canada and the United States while also being of stellar quality (there’s a wide range out there). I have my eye on a few, but would love to hear your recommendations in the comments!

Meanwhile, this week’s…

Digestive Harmony,    DAO Labs

Digestive Harmony, DAO Labs

Recipes + Links

Instagram might take away likes (and is already doing so in Canada). I especially LIKE Haley's take.

Self-care is not enough to fix how much moms are burnt out. I can't speak to this firsthand but sure rings true for some of my clients. How about you mamas (and papas) out there?

This Japanese secret to a longer, happier life is all the rage. What’s your reason for waking up each morning?

This “recipe” is perfect for Pride Month! I’d sub a simple date-ball dessert for the sheet cake. Fun takeaway: Anything red went first…followed by hard-boiled eggs.

P.S., Any tips for the road? Please share! xo.

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