Podcast Interview: Recovering from Eating Addiction & Eating Disorders

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Struggling with an eating addiction or eating disorder? Or “just” want to shift an unhelpful habit related to eating and food?

During my recent interview on Beyond Your Wildest Genes, I spoke with Dr. Noah De Koyer about my holistic approach to healing…and recovering your true, shining self.

I first appeared on BYWG several years back, and returning was a special treat.

The latest episode is titled Eating Addiction & Eating Disorders: A Holistic Approach to Recovery. I talk about:

  • What is eating addiction, anyway? Do I have one? Do you?

  • How to heal your relationship with food 

  • What makes my approach to recovery different

Get the audio here.

Photo by    Bobbi Barbarich

If you listen in, I’d love to know how it lands. Please share in the comments!

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