Nothing is ordinary

1 Minute Read: Minimalism, simple living, simplicity, Kootenays.

There’s something special about the light here, in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. Particularly in Spring and Fall. 

It’s thinner somehow, as in, the veil is thinner between everyday life and what lies beyond. The message?

Nothing is ordinary.


Can be easy to miss this – to miss truly appreciating magical light and magical moments (all the more so when focused on to-do lists).

Thing is, our to-do lists will never be finished.

But these moments are fleeting.


So I’m working on going slow these days. Setting lists aside long enough to notice the light. To notice the everyday. Nothing is ordinary.

And you?

What, in your surrounds right now, is worth pausing for? What holds magic so subtle, so unassuming, we might have missed it?

Take a breath. Breathe it in fully. One extraordinary moment.

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