Real Life: Noise Sensitivity, Mantra, Wizard Stuff

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Well, hello there. This will be a short real life + link roundup…as I’m full-on immersed in online course creation over at Alchemist Academy. Get the backstory and future plans here.

I’m currently recording lots and lots of audio…and a few neighbourhood situations are making it tough: guy building a roof across the way, loud men stomping up above, people roaring through on motorcycles, 20-something Derek Shepherd lookalike using an electric sander out back. Good times, great times.

I’d blame it on city living…except those aren’t really “city” sounds. Plus, the same sorts of machinery drove me batshit way out in the Kootenays. At my most crazed, I contemplate waking at 3am to record, though I know what a fantastically bad idea that would be. When it comes to self-care, sleep is non-negotiable.

Sigh. At least it’s forcing me to learn audio editing. Anyone else suffer from severe aversion to machine noise? And legit desperation for quiet?

Yoga + mantra

Speaking of self-care, I got to some special yoga classes this week . Teacher Jasmine Nash was around for Jedi training and led intermediate practices open to everyone. So. Much. Fun.

In yesterday’s class, Jasmine spoke about “not making decisions before they happen”  –  as in, don’t create a story about what might play out in the future; wait and see how things are when you get there, then decide.

I love that. Alongside it, I’ve been trying to avoid retrospective thinking – as in, creating stories about something that happened in the past.

Meanwhile, hanging in the present, I’ve been returning again and again to a simple question and mantra:

Helpful? Or not helpful?

The answer is usually pretty clear. What we do with it is the potentially hard part.



Chinese Medicine wizardry

Oh, yeah, and if you’d like to know about the online, self-guided course in the works (as well as future ones), make sure to sign up here. I’ll be sending special coupons to that list too.

In brief, the inaugural course is Roots + Shoots: An Alchemist Guide to Chinese Herbs. It’s perfect for students wanting to:

  • Learn, review (and remember!) Chinese herbs like a Boss

  • Take the stress out of tests + exams

  • Impress teachers, classmates + loved ones with mad herb Wiz-dom

In this 20-module, self-guided online program, I’ve included:

  • Audio lessons covering hundreds of herbs in 19 categories

  • Written Cheat Sheets and audio reviews of What You Need To Know (plus keener tips + dad jokes)

  • A Big Ass Herb Chart (plus other helpful handouts + tools)

  • Practice quizzes + exams designed by a real live instructor who passed Chinese Medicine herb and acupuncture boards in both Canada and the United States (uh, that'd be me)

  • Free membership in Alchemist Academy’s interactive, online community

Stay tuned by signing up here. Not a Chinese Med student but still interested? Contact me and we'll chat! Also, sign up at the same link to receive word on coming eating + lifestyle courses.

The first will be on Yang Sheng Fa, or “Nourishing Life Principles.” It will cover Chinese Medicine food therapy and lifestyle guidance, including:

  • Seasonal eating + living

  • Seasonal rituals + routines

  • Eating for your type

  • Chinese Medicine self-care

  • And more!

An intro-level course, it’ll be suitable for anyone (no Chinese Medicine knowledge required). It’s also immediately applicable to daily life. Again, stay posted here.

Meanwhile, a few sweet….


Recipes + Links

Just the thing for hot, summery nights. Personally, I’d skip the potatoes…adding avocado instead.

Know what’d go great with that? I’d omit the white sugar…instead using honey or sticking to fruit.

P.S., Are you practicing with a mantra? And what do you have faith in? xo.

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