Real Life: Minimalist Skincare Routine & Moving Cities in My Mini

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Oh, hey, I found a home. #nbd ;). It’s a sweet suite in Victoria, and I’ll be flying there with my cats on June 24.

Ever fly solo with two siamese cats? Good times, great times.

Before that little jaunt, I’ll be driving our belongings to Vic in my two-seater mini…then flying back to Nelson to collect the girls. This way, the car + stuff will be waiting when we arrive.

Truthfully, I’m afraid of the 747-kilometre drive (mostly just the city parts) but hear the route is stunning. Any British Columbians have tips to share?

Meanwhile, I’m tending to moving details and downsizing my already minimal things (did I mention they need to fit a two-seater mini?). I fly carryon only (especially with cats in tow), so we’re talking Hard.Core.Kon.Mari. No joke.

Nelson will always be home, and I’m savouring these last days on Kootenay Lake. I’ll miss all of you dearly…but will be just a short-ish drive away.

My minimalist skincare line-up

My minimalist skincare line-up

Minimalist skincare

Whenever I move, I’m extra-grateful for minimalist life choices. I’m also grateful for the opportunity + motivation to simplify further!

This has nothing to do with deprivation…and everything to do with loving the feeling of lightness, spaciousness and clarity it brings. I buy, use and keep only what supports this way of living…and appreciate my stuff all the more.

To be honest, my skincare routine has become slightly less minimalist and more involved this past year.

Still, it’s all relative. Rather than slapping on some coconut oil and calling it good, I’ve become a person with a skincare routine (who would’ve thought!).

That said, minimalism infuses the components: All are simple, safer products I adore and that make me feel indulgent but not extravagant. The entire “routine” takes under five minutes each morning and night (way less time than my meditation + yoga practices). In those moments, I consciously slow down…and give my 44-year-old face a treat.

Here are the main ingredients:

  • Rejuvenating eye cream – Omg I LOVE this eye cream! Featuring wild algae and caffeine, it diminishes the appearance of lines and reduces puffiness. Like everything below, a teeny bit is all you need; one jar lasts eons.

  • Brightening facial oil – Oils were long the entirety of my skincare regime and remain the star. After trying this one, there was no going back to straight-up coconut (though that’s a fine choice too). If brightening’s not your thing, Beautycounter has plumping + balancing options as well.

  • Overnight resurfacing peel – I apply this nightly before bed. Loving.It.Hard.

  • Many days, that’s it! Others, I include the full Rejuvenating Regimen for “maturing skin” (as one does ;). Highly recommend.

Beautycounter has other regimens too, including:

When it comes to skincare, I'm not only minimalist but obsessively discerning.

  • As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and health coach, safe ingredients are a priority, and it is cray what’s allowed in skin products and makeup these days. Endocrine disrupt much?

  • As a hot yogi (meaning, a yogi who attends hot classes), one test is whether a product stings my eyes during the sweaty series. Everything in the above line-up leaves my eyes sting free (even if my muscles are burning). So many skincare companies claim to be "natural" and "clean" when they most definitely are not. Fragrance alone gives it the sting.

Curate your own safer, better beauty routine right this way. Meanwhile, this week’s…

Dawn outside my cabin, Kootenay Lake, Nelson, BC

Dawn outside my cabin, Kootenay Lake, Nelson, BC

Recipes + Links

This salad looks fantastic. Those greens! Those herbs!

As the weather warms, Chinese Medicine says eat this. And contact me about seasonal eating!

How modern life exacerbates and rewards obsession + worry. Sigh…this one hits home. Speaking of which…

The hottest coping mechanisms right now. What type of coper are you? Self-care, social or technological?

Coyotes are OG copers, btw. Search “urban coyotes” for after-dinner entertainment.

P.S., What’s your relationship to stuff? If you had to stuff it in a mini, what would you take? xo.

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