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See that fridge shot? It’s how I stocked my Airbnb fridge upon arriving back in Victoria, BC, this week.

Mostly green stuff, plus coconut milk, local raw cheese, olives and local butter (in the glass jar; brought from home). I also made tuna poke (so perfect!!).

So…I’m easing into another delicious self-retreat in Victoria. Unlike my February trip, however, this one is focused on networking and house hunting.

How I stock my Airbnb fridge

How I stock my Airbnb fridge

As I wrote last week, cabin life in Nelson is pretty sweet right now. In so many ways, that’s where I belong: surrounded by mountains, lake, sky, eagles. And yet, for now, I want a change.

The past two years have been really, really hard. And while I am fully aware that moving to Victoria won’t solve my life, it will offer a reset. I’ve moved countries and homes enough to know both of these are true.

So…I’m currently scouting out something completely different from what I have now. Specifically, I’m looking at brand-new, uber-minimalist micro condos in or within walking distance of downtown, Chinatown and Victoria’s bustling harbour.

I barely have any stuff, so size isn’t an issue…except for my cats – honestly, they’re probably by biggest concern + consideration when it comes to housing.

The other issue is noise. Will I be able to handle it? Not sure. And, for the most part, I don’t even care. Right now, I want new, clean, easy.

I don’t expect this coming move to be a forever one – not by a long stretch. In ways I’m not sure how to articulate, it’s part of a recovery process and a healing. A dismemberment before becoming whole again.

Then, when the time comes for a next move and next step, I will be starting from new footing.

Anyone else make a major lifestyle shift lately? Or considering one? Please share in the comments!

Habits + Beauty

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Meanwhile, this week’s…

Oh, hey. This is me, lately.

Oh, hey. This is me, lately.

Recipes + Links

Veggie, paleo, keto. Mmmmmm.

Totally not paleo. But cracked me up.

Personally, I adore my androgynous grey sweater + scarf capsule, but if you like more playfulness with your clothes, read this. Whatever your style, wear what feels like you: “When your basis for flattery is not in what makes you look ‘good’ or thin or ‘better,’ but in what suits your mood and body and deep-seated inclinations, the rules change. You become less like an accountant, searching for the right equation, and more like an artist, feeling your way toward expression.”

Short link-love list this week, I know! But heading out for hot yoga + home hunting! Would you ever live in a tiny house or micro loft? I’d love to hear in the comments! xo.

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