Where Can You Make It Easier?

Ease is on my mind quite a lot.

First, because of my work with clients and trying to ease their way through big changes in eating and lifestyle.

Second, because of having a full life and schedule myself and struggling with my own addiction to perfectionism.

So, a few thoughts on ease. And making things easier.

Photo by   Jeremy Vessey, Unsplash

Photo by Jeremy Vessey, Unsplash

One of my meditation teachers says:

“Ease creates room for what’s good in us to come forth.”

I love that. It’s less about “doing” or “fixing” and more about creating space and allowing.

It speaks to the natural unfolding of things. The natural unfolding of ourselves.

Another way to work with this is using ease as a teacher.

Specifically, try to cultivate as much ease as possible...then notice what takes you out of that place.

What takes you away from ease? Away from things feeling easy?

And when faced with a choice that would clearly hurt your sense of ease, ask:  Is doing such-and-such worth it? Is it worth losing your ease over?

Photo by   Brad Lloyd, Unsplash

Photo by Brad Lloyd, Unsplash

Now, if you’re doing this sort of exploration, I recommend bringing an abundance of self-kindness and gentleness to the process.

And even if you get “bad news” about yourself or your patterns, practice allowing space around that.

Practice finding ease even in moments of discomfort – not by repressing the discomfort, but by giving it lots of space and giving yourself space to really feel it.

Whereas unease is claustrophobic, ease is very spacious.

Photo by   Michael Henein, Unsplash

Photo by Michael Henein, Unsplash

Want a starting point for finding this spacious place? How about here...

  • Keep things simple (including “food rules”).
  • Care instead of worry (it’s not like worrying helps anyway).
  • Let go of something (perhaps a routine, a responsibility, a job...even a relationship).
  • Ask for support (whether from the Universe, loved ones, friends or a healing practitioner).

Ask yourself...

Where can I make it easier today? Where can I make room for what’s good to come forth?

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