Just one thing

1 Minute Read: Minimalism, simple living, mindfulness.

For me, multitasking is pretty much always a bad idea.

Even though I’m “good” at it. Even when it makes me “efficient.”

Because, even if I appear to multitask with deftness and ease, it always leaves me anxious.

Ease, spaciousness, and deep listening are sacrificed.

Photo by David Dawson, Unsplash

Photo by David Dawson, Unsplash

Sound familiar? Or not like you at all?

Either way, here’s an experiment. For today, try doing just one thing.

Meaning, do one thing at a time – and follow though – before taking up something else. Even little “something else’s” count.

Do one thing. Follow through. Then do the next.

If you’re like me, this won’t be easy.

That’s useful to know. It’s part of a practice that, with time, will make doing *just one thing* easier.

Watch what arises. Notice what’s uncomfortable. Get curious.

And to all of it, bring a gentle touch.

Photo by Hongmei Zhao, Unsplash

Photo by Hongmei Zhao, Unsplash

If you notice yourself doing more than one thing, pause.

Softly, softly bring yourself back. Start anew.

Then, at the end of today, see how you feel.

See whether you listened more. Created space. Found ease.

I’d love to hear how it goes. Please share in the comments!

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