No More Noise! Turn Off the Crazy & Get Calm

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How do you do with noise? Whether from others…general surrounds…social media...or your own mind? Whether auditory…visual…or energetic?

I am EXTRA noise sensitive, and prefer extreme quiet interspersed with periods of music – mostly classical; mostly Alexis Ffrench (his album Evolution: be still, my heart).

My love of quiet extends to other sorts of “noise” too. 

Photo by Claus Grunstaudl, Unsplash

Photo by Claus Grunstaudl, Unsplash

I keep my belongings, social media life, surrounds and schedule free of clutter. I keep my focus, well, focused!

One thing at a time. Full attention. Full of what fulfills me. Full of what makes me feel the way I want to feel. Full of what supports my practice and the Work.

Extra noise = anxiety, overwhelm, disconnect. 

Photo by Gabriel Benois, Unsplash

Photo by Gabriel Benois, Unsplash

And…I recognize that silence and stillness can be uncomfortable.

They call for setting aside distraction…and compulsion. They call for getting really honest with ourselves rather than running away or numbing out.

They call for sobriety in the expansive, truest sense of getting clear. Seeking clarity.

I promise the discomfort is worth it. Quieting the noise (of any sort – auditory, social media, physical clutter, toxic relationships, etc.) and sitting with your true listening self offers insights and gifts that will otherwise be missed. No question: 100 percent.

It also lifts a weight you may have forgotten you’re even carrying. One born of all the stress, worry, fear, time, effort and energy that goes into distracting, drowning out, justifying, hiding, and running away from our true selves. So…

I invite you to find a moment of quiet today.

This can look all sorts of ways. A few ideas:

  • Close all but one tab or application on your computer or smartphone.

  • Commit to NOT checking your phone, email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for one hour (or longer!).

  • Turn off any background noise you’re not truly listening to (television, podcasts, music, etc.).

  • Edit your social media feeds or email subscriptions, removing what’s not supportive.

  • Edit your to-do list or schedule, removing even just one or two non-essentials.

  • Say no, when that’s what you mean.

  • Meditate, take a walk, practice yoga, or do some other body-mind-breath practice without multitasking.

  • Make yourself a nourishing meal, declutter your desk, write in a gratitude journal, or do some other (free!) self-care practice – again, without multitasking.

  • Choose to NOT fill all the space in conversations or interactions, instead listening…and inviting pause.

  • Consciously limit – and thoughtfully curate – consumption for a day (or more). This includes purchasing “stuff,” yes, but also consumption of food…and online content.

Have other suggestions? Meet me in the comments to share! What’s your relationship to noise…and quiet? I’d love to hear!

Photo by Lachy Spratt, Unsplash

Photo by Lachy Spratt, Unsplash

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With listening + clarity.

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