How to KonMari Your To-Do List & Make Space in Your Schedule

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A number of my coaching clients are moms of young kids and have VERY full schedules and lives.

As someone without kids but who still finds keeping up with my own full life + two cats a balancing act, I can’t even imagine!

So much admiration for these amazing women (who are also slaying it as moms)!

I’m genuinely in awe of you!

Buddha, frisbee & pot, Nelson, BC

Buddha, frisbee & pot, Nelson, BC

Though our lives are different, a place of shared practice is easing up on trying to be everything to everyone (usually at the expense of self-care and long-term health).

And whether in my own life or when working with clients, I’m a huge advocate for making things simpler and easier without sacrificing quality, integrity and care.

One place to work with this is learning to say NO when that’s what you mean.

Another is going KonMari on your to-do list – I’m talking radical edits:

  • What isn’t serving you?

  • What isn’t bringing you a sense of lightness, joy and being alive?

  • What is leaving you depleted rather than well-resourced enough to show up fully for self and others? (Including your kids + other loved ones!)

A key piece when working with this is exploring your relationship to time and setting aside time to thoughtfully craft and curate your schedule. Another is to ask yourself, on the regular: 

Is this urgent, busywork or truly important?

If something is truly urgent, well, attend to it! Also note whether the urgency was self-induced by particular choices or patterns (including choosing to be in relationships or not set boundaries with crazymakers).

There aren't too many truly urgent tasks...yet we humans tend to spend a whole lot of time, energy and angst on the seemingly urgent stuff and busywork (aka, distraction, denial and procrastination ;).

Meanwhile, the truly important stuff gets the least amount of time, energy and attention. Self-care and ensuring we are well-resourced enough to show up fully for self and others is often the first to go.

That's the making of stress, anxiety, impatience, anger, resentment, regret, meltdowns, binges, tantrums, burnout, exhaustion, overwhelm and disconnect. It’s also not the best model to offer kids or anyone else!

If that sounds familiar, give this try. When a hectic, frenetic moment comes along, pause a minute and ask: 

  • What is truly urgent here? Anything? Or is it just seemingly urgent and pressing?

  • If something is urgent, did I contribute? Is there a way to create a buffer or more spaciousness in the future? Perhaps by editing my list and cutting busywork? Or by asking for support? Or setting clear boundaries? Or giving a Hard No?

  • What's truly important? Am I prioritizing that thing? Are my choices and patterns supporting its prioritization? What really matters here? Both to myself AND those depending on me?

Another thing I find helpful is reviewing at the end of each day, whether mentally or in a journal.

Mentally scroll through or write out all that you did – then set it aside for the evening, knowing you did a whole heck of a lot and more than enough!!

Buddha in a windowsill, Nelson, BC

Buddha in a windowsill, Nelson, BC

I 100-percent know this sort of practice is easier said than done! But it’s vitally important to health, wellness and overall experience of life – both in the immediate and longer term.

So this week, go slow. Do less, with more care. One thing, then the next. And if you try the above practice or have other tips + tricks, please share in the comments!

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