When Things Fall Apart: Keeping a Gratitude Journal

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When things fall apart, I find profound solace in surrendering to something far more expansive than myself: Nature, the Universe, the ebb and flow…rise and fall of all that surrounds us…existing before and after us.

My spiritual practice (rooted in yoga and taoism) becomes an anchor and place of refuge more than at any other time.

I go deeper. I tell myself: This is the REAL practice I’ve been preparing for over the years through daily practice.

I also find myself more connected to others – even as an introvert. I feel connected in our vulnerability and our humanness.

This past winter was a very, very difficult one for me – one of the hardest I’ve known.

AND I'm grateful for the gifts it offered: going deeper in my spiritual practice, connecting more deeply with others, personal transformations that can never be taken away.

Photo by Cristian Newman, Unsplash

Photo by Cristian Newman, Unsplash

One practice I started during those months and continue even now is keeping a daily journal of “little gifts” received.

It’s full of all kinds of things: smiles, kind words, kind emails, yoga practice, long walks, eagle sightings, mountains, sky, my clients, my patients, my students, loved ones.

Even as hard times lifted, I maintained the journal as a form of remembrance for all that I touched into and learned.

Where do you find solace, connection and insight when things fall apart?

How do you hold onto what you touch into during those times?

How do you bring heightened reverence back into the everyday?


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In love + gratitude, always.

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