How to Feel Better: There's Always a Simple Choice.

Want to feel better? There's always a simple choice.

The simple choice – and simple solution – may not be easy or comfortable. But it’s always there, waiting for you.

I do this thing, or I do not. Simple.

Photo by   Christopher Burns, Unsplash

Photo by Christopher Burns, Unsplash

Thing is, we often spend tremendous time, energy and angst trying to get out of it…or pretending it doesn’t exist.

Denial, distractions, stories. Choosing busy over owning the choice that we are 100-percent responsible for. The simple choice: I do this, or I do not.

Other thing is, seeing and making the simple choice – however uncomfortable – lifts a weight.

Takes the charge and dread out of it. Brings sounder sleep. Offers ease.

So whatever stress is weighing on you right now, I encourage you to see your simple choice. Own it. Choose.

(And while you’re at it, look for the simple solution.)

Photo by Jose A. Thompson, Unsplash

Photo by Jose A. Thompson, Unsplash

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