How Do You Do with Stress...and Anxiety?

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What’s your relationship to stress and anxiety? How do you soften them?

For me, a meditative yoga practice involving movement, breath and mindfulness is essential at the start and close of each day. Also walks in nature. And NEVER working or rushing during my two meals (lunch and dinner).

I also weave in “mantras” and other practices. These change over time, but lately...

I’ve been paying close attention to whatever takes me out of a place of ease – using ease as an inner reference point and teacher.

Photo by Caleb George, Unsplash

Photo by Caleb George, Unsplash

I’ve also been looking at the “track record” of things.

Certain things – including stress, anxiety, anger, rushing, overeating, and stuck thoughts – have a 100-percent failure rate when it comes to being helpful for outcomes. Their track record sucks.

Other things – including ease, gratitude, nourishing meals, yoga practice, and connection to body and breath – have a 100-percent success rate.

Regardless of outcomes, they NEVER make things worse and can ONLY make them better.

So when I experience stress or anxiety, I tell myself:

Whatever unfolds, stress and anxiety have a really shitty track record for being in any way helpful. (As in, their track record is ZERO!) Might as well set them aside.

What about you?

What, in your life, has a 100-percent track record? What can ONLY make things better, never worse? (Psst...when stress or anxiety show up, do that stuff ;).

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