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Yay! Loving my new place! Perhaps more important, the cats are loving it too. That said, the days have been full…and truthfully, I was not up for writing much today.

The move last week (one that actually stretched over two weeks, in two parts) was not a little thing. I also kept my usual work and writing schedule throughout – as I always do. And I created something new (please take a peek!)

Location + schedule independence is one of the tremendous perks of remote work. And yet, it 100 percent enables my perfectionism + overworking problem. I also find that when I keep going and going amidst big transition, my feelings get hurt easily. Right now, they’re a bit bruised; partly because of that, I feel less inclined to write and share in a public space.

Not a huge deal, and I’ll get over it. Still, a reminder to go gently with others; they may be holding a lot.

For today’s Real Life post, I’m giving myself permission to keep it short…featuring a few pictures from recent local meanderings and a handful of fun links. Happy holiday week, if you’re celebrating.

Quick bathroom selfie amidst unpacking

Quick bathroom selfie amidst unpacking

I came across this delight while wandering through Beacon Hill Park

On my walk in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria

On my walk in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria

And these ones while picking up a second-hand Ninja blender in Colwood…

Colwood Pioneer Cemetery, Vancouver Island, BC

Colwood Pioneer Cemetery, Vancouver Island, BC

The pioneer cemetery was established in the 1890s and is resting place to some of Colwood’s founders. Huge oaks and purple-pink wildflowers grow amongst the graves. Deeply peaceful.

St. John the Baptist Heritage Church, Colwood, BC

St. John the Baptist Heritage Church, Colwood, BC

Lastly for today, the sea. Tasting salt and feeling the bracing cold on my skin brings me back to Source and my why. Also, this week’s…

Recipes + Links

Five words that will change your relationship. Stellar starter for communicating in challenging moments.

Fifty years ago, the sugar industry quietly paid scientists to blame fat. As one of my clients commented: "And look what has happened to our health in the United States. I am 2+ years without sugar, 30 pounds down, and at 20 percent body fat. And I eat 150 grams of fat a day. I have never felt better."

I knew it! The ultra-processed Beyond Burger is not my friend. Currently, I eat a mostly vegetarian paleo-primal diet. At base though, I JUST EAT REAL FOOD. When I do eat meat, I eat real meat!! Yet...a couple weeks back, on a whim and as a self-experiment, I tried a Beyond Burger. The result? I WAS SO SICK all night and the entire next day. We’re talking MAJOR bloating, gas, constipation, feeling as though my insides were stuck in a ball, etc. As I told someone then: "There is no doubt in my body or mind: The Beyond Burger is toxic to my system." Oh, and it actually tasted good, so I'm glad I didn’t eat more or things would've been way worse. Regardless of where you fall on the fake-meat spectrum, one (of many) key questions to ask: "How do they truthfully and thoughtfully communicate what they are making – highly processed food"?

Despite our vastly different styles, we each have a soporific couch. “An apartment is like a wardrobe – as you get older, you know yourself better. Your home evolves, your face evolves, your personality evolves, and hopefully you get to a point where you look around and think, this place reflects me and my worldview and my view of how I fit into the world."

Currently watching on Netflix. (Totally hooked.)

Currently listening to on repeat. (Emphatically recommend.)

101 simple meals ready in 10 minutes or less. I have numbers 1, 3, 11 and 60 on my agenda. (And most things in the post can be easily adapted to be grain-free – that’s what I do.)

P.S., How do you do, when your feelings feel tender? xo.

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