Gua Sha: Simple, Natural Skincare

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Want a simple, inexpensive treat for your skin that also relieves tension + stress?

As a Chinese Medicine doctor, I'd been meaning to incorporate facial gua sha into my own skincare routine for a while and finally did so a month ago. It’s a perfect example of how skincare + self-care don’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Here’s what it does…and why it’s now part of my evening routine.

Photo by Joe Robles, Unsplash

Photo by Joe Robles, Unsplash

Gua sha involves using a smooth, flat, handheld tool to stroke and massage the skin.

When using gua sha on the body, the technique is often quite vigorous, even producing red or purple marks. On the face, I take a way softer approach (one that leaves no marks at all).

It can help with all sorts of skin conditions, but generally promotes circulation and lymph drainage. I also find it helpful for relaxing tension spots, such as my forehead, temples and jaw after a long day. Benefits include:

  • Promoting circulation

  • Boosting collagen production

  • Reducing puffiness and blemishes

  • Toning and evening out the skin

  • Moving and draining lymph fluid

  • Relieving headaches and TMJ

  • Easing stress and anxiety

  • Supporting a meditative self-care routine

Your tool could be traditional like the jade one pictured below (it's what I use) or a rose quartz stone. Other options include a smooth jar lid or spoon! Doesn't have to be fancy or cost a thing, and you can find simple how-to videos online.

Jade rollers are also trending and a nice addition. although they don’t get quite as deep as gua sha does.

Anyone else gua-sha'ing their face? Or have other simple self-care rituals? Please share in the comments!

My jade gua sha tool

My jade gua sha tool

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