Want to get healthy? The best food rules & how they help

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When I was little, I loved the wooden swing hanging beneath our deck.

Looking out at trees surrounding our house, I’d soar higher and higher, pumping my legs until the swing’s momentum carried me on its own.

Effort forgotten, my heart filled with joy as I flew back and forth. Looking out at the world, I was totally present. Totally me.

Supported by the swing, its wooden seat suspended from metal chains, I rose higher than would otherwise be possible (at least outside my imagination).

The bounds of the swing weren’t restrictive. They were freeing. Same goes for a supportive eating plan.


Whether planning my own meals or working with clients, I stick to some basic parameters:

  • Eat real, whole food, including plenty of high-quality protein, veggies, fats and oils…plus a moderate amount of fruit, nuts and full-fat dairy.

  • Avoid processed foods, added sweeteners, grains, legumes, conventional animal products, and inflammatory fats and oils.

  • Whenever possible, choose local, organic and ethically sourced.

Is this about restriction and limitation? NO!

It’s about creating a framework that supports body and mind. It’s about setting oneself up for greater freedom.

  • Freedom from feeling sluggish, bloated and foggy-headed.

  • Freedom from nagging aches and pains or debilitating and dangerous health conditions.

  • Freedom from being caught in a harmful – even addictive – cycle with food and eating.

  • Freedom to live a more complete, ease-filled version of ourselves.

Thing is, healthy structure can allow freer, fuller expression of our potential. 

And know what? Turns out there’s an abundance of delicious food that falls squarely within those “restrictive” parameters.

After all, I LOVE food. Sure wouldn’t stick to this eating style or share it with others if it wasn’t full of deliciousness!

I want food to bring pleasure during its relatively fleeting moments in our mouths…and help us feel good during non-eating moments too.

I want us to eat in a way that allows expression of the most alive, complete versions of ourselves – supported by healthy parameters and soaring higher than would otherwise be possible.

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