Real Life: Ferry Boats & Passages

3 Minute Read: Victoria, Port Angeles, passages.

So, it’s been a minute. And I’m writing this Real Life post from the dock of the Port Angeles ferry – cramped in my mini, looking out at sea and ships, listening to gulls.

The trip was sudden, unexpected, a passage. The feelings big, many, human.

Port Angeles, Washington

Port Angeles, Washington

A doorway

A week or so ago, I created an offering: The Body as Ally Recovery Kit. It is sourced from my work with self and clients, and from my deepest heart.

It has a lot to do with shifting from white-knuckled discipline to I FEEL ALIVE devotion. It has a lot to do with finding a doorway home to yourself.

I wrote more about one aspect of the kit here. Also, so you know, it costs $49 CAD, which is around $36 US.

Wishing you a beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, some…

Ferry rides and passages

Ferry rides and passages

Recipes + links

On keto and cancer. Also cancer and blood sugar.

On announcing a pregnancy. And sharing in your own time.

An easy way to help school (or work) jitters. Do you pack lunchbox notes?

Chicken breast for one. I don’t really eat chicken but still delighted in Eric’s post, as always.

Is it weird I’m still watching “Grey’s Anatomy”? For the record, this is round 3 for me. Did somebody say ferry boats?

What are you up to this weekend? With heart, always. xo.

Life by design.

When you’re making changes, caring accountability makes a world of difference.

I offer two avenues for customized plans + coaching:

The Foundation and The Deep Dive.

Also check out the brand new Body as Ally Recovery Kit.

In integrity + alchemy.

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