Real Life: Eagle Watching, Cabin Life & Habit Shifts

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Wow. As I write this, the view from my desk is unbelievable.

The cabin I’ve been renting since October opens to lake, mountains and sky.

Bald eagles swoop down so close I can see their eyes. Canada geese and deer (including twin fawns!) traipse through my yard daily.

And (for something new + unusual), a coyote was lounging on the beach this morning!!

With all its troubles (frozen pipes, busted septic + freezing cold this winter…broken water pump + lack of water this spring…impossible absentee landlord all around), the cabin is still a blessed place to spend my last stretch in Nelson this go.

This little town has my heart and will always be home to me. I’m savouring these warmer, easier months – all the more so because the past two winters were so hard. Truthfully, I’m still struggling…but pain, fear, loss + uncertainty are matched by gratitude, hope + glimpses of clarity.

Where are you as we move into spring? What’s awakening in your life + heart? What are you most grateful for? Please share in the comments!

LingDao manifesting dinner

LingDao manifesting dinner

Habit shifts

Earlier this year, I wrote about how to turn resolutions into habits. (Spoiler alert: Willpower is NOT the answer.)

And…a week ago, I outlined how to KonMari your to-do list and make space in your schedule.

I’ve also written extensively about shifting eating patterns + crafting your best diet.

I audit + edit my own intentions, goals, habits, eating, schedule and routines on the regular. Even the latest edits are shifting again, as I finish teaching and ease back into full-on digital nomad life. YES!!!

I revel in this sort of healthy lifestyle design!! To me, THIS is self-care. Big time.

If you’re making or considering habit shifts or routine resets of your own, I so hope you’ll join us at the FREE Habits to Thrive Summit. I posted all the details here, including the line-up of speakers + topics.

I’ll be speaking on Day 1 about vulnerability + body image, and you can win a free coaching session from me in the summit’s pop-up Facebook group.

Have a habit shift you’re working on? Or a place ready for thoughtful, intentional lifestyle design? Please tell!! Meanwhile, this week’s…

Such a looker! (And a talker, unfortunately ;0)

Such a looker! (And a talker, unfortunately ;0)

Recipes + Links

How to multiply your time. Along the same lines, I love having simple + regularly edited systems in place.

Currently reading. So.Frickin.Good. I plan to write a full post on it soon.

Making this today! With more spaciousness in my schedule, I feel inspired to branch out of eggs + veggies on repeat some of the time ;).

A hard line on our reactions. "When I go out into the woods. And I look at trees. I say, ‘Oh, look at that one, oh look at that one, oh how interesting!’ I don’t ask why an Elm isn’t an Oak… I just appreciate them for what they are. Somehow it’s different when I get near humans, I somehow feel that it’s a whole different category, and I move into my judging mode, saying, ‘If that person was more like that person, things would be better.’”

P.S., What’s on your habit shift agenda? What are you grateful for this spring? I’d love to hear in the comments! xo.

Life by design.

When you’re making changes, caring accountability makes a world of difference.

I offer two avenues for customized plans + coaching:

The Foundation and The Deep Dive.

For free support, also check out my ebooks and newsletter.

With grace + gratitude.

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