Real Life: Daily Routines + Local Food Field Trips

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Photo by Rosemary Armao, Unsplash

Photo by Rosemary Armao, Unsplash

Alchemist Academy online course

In other news, I’ve been immersed in creating the inaugural course for Alchemist Academy. For more on that heart-sourced venture, head to last week’s post here.

And stay tuned for details on the online, self-guided course launching this September: Roots + Shoots: An Alchemist Guide to Chinese Herbs.

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Photo by Rikki Austin, Unsplash

Photo by Rikki Austin, Unsplash

Daily routines, field trips + local eats

Though weeks are full with Alchemist Eating clients + Alchemist Academy course creation, I make time for certain things Every. Single. Day. These include:

  • The 5 Tibetans on waking (a yogic breath, movement + longevity practice)

  • Yoga class before lunch (most days, a 90-minute one here)

  • An afternoon walk (even if to do errands)

  • Home yoga practice before dinner (very slow + meditative, often while listening to this meditation teacher)

  • Reading an actual, paper book (also before dinner; I set a timer to make sure it’s at least 15 focused minutes)

  • Slow, simple, mindful meals (lunch + dinner; plus a bulletproof beverage for breakfast)

These are nonnegotiable. Sound impossible? It’s not. I’m otherwise working from morning til dinner 7 days a week and get tons done in a day. These practices infuse rather than detract from my work + passions.

They also ensure I don’t burn out. I love my work with my whole heart – plus, it’s what I do for fun! But my body-mind-soul need other stuff too.

What’s more, my work is sourced from these daily practices. It could not exist without them.

More recently, I’ve added a special weekend routine: Local Food Field Trips!

Each Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I visit a new-to-me local food stop. Thus far, I’ve been exploring the many, many farmer’s markets around town. Blueberries this time of year…just…wow.

And last weekend I visited this gem of a butcher in Oak Bay, where I found amazing eggs from backyard hens…plus local, raw goat cheese that was out of this world.

On the same trip, I stopped by the seafood shop next door, where I picked up a fish curry made of simple, beautiful ingredients…plus a delicious grain-and-crap-free salmon patty.

Where should I head this weekend? Please tell! Meanwhile, this week’s…

Photo by Rebecca Orlov, Unsplash

Photo by Rebecca Orlov, Unsplash

Recipes + Links

The gazpacho everyone’s making. Super simple, real food, farmer’s market fare – precisely what I’m into this time of year.

But this one looks nice too. Slightly more complicated…with surprise twists.

You know what’d go well with gazpacho? Deconstructed devilled eggs.

See also, chef hacks for seaweed. Yay local!!

The most beautiful beauty uniform. "I should be more Jane Austen-ish about it, but I’m not. But I do really love people. I think everybody, no matter what they seem like, are so kind underneath it all and have had interesting lives... You know the old saying, ‘This too shall pass’? It’s really true. Maybe one of your children is happy, then it flips; the family dynamic is always changing. The goal is being patient with it all. I just believe and trust that things are good. The sun coming up and the sun going down, and nature, the whole thing, take the changes as they come. People can get so fussed about something like the weather, but there’s no point, it is what it is, and I love the idea that you make popsicles in humid weather and meringues in dry weather and fly kites in windy weather and go kayaking when it’s calm. You work with whatever is out there and try to enjoy it."

More on living beauty-ful. A 12-minute listen.

Rainbows, frogs, dogs and “The Muppet Movie” soundtrack at 40. I’m 44…and Kermit sung me through childhood:

Someday we'll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me…

Life's like a movie
Write your own ending

Keep believing
Keep pretending.

P.S., Did you watch “The Muppets”? Got food tips for Victoria or YOUR hometown? Please share! xo.

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