Creating a supportive container

2 Minute Read: Habit shifts, life design, healthy living, healthy eating.

In my own life and when I work with clients, I like crafting simple, supportive structures. Places of order. Places that encourage creativity, flexibility and flow – within a container.

The container creates safety and space.

It lets us rest from too much choice and from willpower. It allows change and what we REALLY want to take root…and to manifest in a way that’s easier.

This isn’t about “rules.” It's about creating a self-support system.

One that takes over some of the heavy lifting. One we can lean into. One that helps us do the next healing thing.

Photo by Samuel Zeller, Unsplash

Photo by Samuel Zeller, Unsplash

And you?

Have any supportive structures, parameters or routines in place? Ones that help you take your next healing step? Please share in the comments!

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