How to Craft Your Schedule & Hack Time

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Lately – with self and with clients – I’ve been playing with time…specifically, how to invite in simplicity, spaciousness and ease

You see, I'm VERY good at getting more done than seems humanly possible. (Same goes for many of my clients, who excel at very big, very important parts of their lives.)

But…at what cost?

Thing is, in some ways, this knack for efficiency interferes with manifesting the Big Picture. There has to be space for things to come in. 

I’m NOT saying I want to get less done! But I AM redesigning my schedule…and, more importantly, my relationship to time. 

I’ll likely be posting more on this in the future, sharing the specifics of my personal and work routines. Here’s part of it.

(Sidebar: Does this interest you? Would you find seeing the ever-evolving details of my lineup useful? If so, let me know in the comments!)

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For now, to keep things simple, please join me in inviting spaciousness and ease into our days. If things start to feel otherwise (you know – overly busy, rushed or stressful), I encourage you to ask: 

“What's my relationship to time?”

This mantra and place of of checking in, getting curious, and perhaps recalibrating speaks to the truth that time is a personal construct. 

This is great news, because it means we can change it. We can change our relationship to time – 100 percent. 

Sure, it doesn't always feel that way...particularly if we're coming from a "caught" place of claustrophobia of the mind. But that's simply a misperception. 

We can always choose to not be full of "rushing energy" – even when circumstances compel us to work quickly and do All The Things.

Cool part is, in choosing to unclench our grip on "busy" or "rushing energy," we pretty much always:

  • Get more done, in a more complete way.

  • Let go of things we don't need or want to hang onto.

  • Feel better.

Something to play with.

Photo by Tamarcus Brown, Unsplash

Photo by Tamarcus Brown, Unsplash

Bonus Homework

Sit down with a piece of paper and think about your ideal day. Ask yourself: 

  • What does your perfect day look like? (NO limitations. Tell your Inner Critic to take a seat.)

  • What's one thing you could do this week to move closer to that place? (Do it! And please share in the comments!)

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