Self-Love…or Fucking Yourself?

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Let’s talk about “comfort eating.” For many of my coaching clients, this is a big place of work.

And for many, many people these days, it gets entangled with a “treat yourself” industry, an “I deserve it” voice, misguided “intuitive eating,” and “self-love” gone wrong.

Intuitive eating is deeply healing. Self-care is hugely important. Self-love is precious and powerful.

Eating something that makes you feel awful is NOT intuitive eating, NOT self-care, and NOT self-love.

Photos by Jess Watters, Unsplash

Photos by Jess Watters, Unsplash

Checking in with what you’re really needing – and longing for – is one way of offering yourself true care, love and kindness. It’s one way of gifting yourself what you truly deserve.

Sure, knowing what we really need can be tricky. But only after we name and tend to that need is there hope of healing...and hope for something other than a bad cycle on repeat.

Where to start? Well, what makes you feel better?

Not just in the moment…but later.


And while we’re at it…

What makes you feel good about yourself?

What makes you feel confident?

What makes you feel connected to self and others?

That’s self-care and self-love. And it can look all kinds of ways. For example:


That stuff? The stuff that makes you feel better, not worse?

That’s true self-care. Do it. Every. Single. Day.

It can take a bit of planning, sure. But, more than plans, it's about intention. And caring for yourself in small, intuitive ways.

Food, movement, solitude, connection – what are the practices that fill and nourish your body, mind and spirit? Please share in the comments!



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Love and more love, always.

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