Real Life: Safer Skincare & Radical Letting Alone

3 Minute Read: Self-care, skincare, soul care, clean beauty, mindfulness, divorce, kindness, emergence.

Can you believe it – more snow! Normally, I prefer winter. But the past two have been too hard. Too much despair. Not enough lightness.

Ages 42 and 43 were not my easiest. But know what? My 44th is just around the corner. So is springtime…and new beginnings.

Talking to my dad by phone this past weekend, as I walked along a snowy trail, the end of the call turned to the great connector: Weather. He said:

"Just hold on for two more weeks. In two weeks, it'll be better."

This brought more solace than I can say. No fixing or solutions, just a “hold on…the weather’s changing…it’ll be okay.”

Local kombucha    & teapot selfie, Victoria, BC

Local kombucha & teapot selfie, Victoria, BC

Hope is powerful medicine.

An antidote to despair. So is faith – and I’m leaning in hard. Here’s to spring, emergence, and the first signs of new life.

Two beautiful questions I’m exploring, meanwhile: 

  • Where do we create insulation and abstraction because we don't want to feel the pain of loss?

  • There are many places we can't get to while doing, strategizing, and naming things. What practice of un-doing and radical letting alone could you take on?

David Whyte posed these during the teaching I attended in Victoria a few weeks back. The practice of un-doing and radical letting alone is my life theme this stretch!

Also, I keep seeing eagles – just overhead at particularly needed moments. The Universe is keeping watch over us, I try to believe.

What else? Well, in case you missed my last post, I’ve got some fun Alchemist Eating news.

As I grow my coaching business, I'm making a new commitment to using and sharing simple, clean skincare products. 

After all, what we put on our bodies has a huge impact on health + wellbeing! I want what goes on my skin to be as nourishing as what goes in my mouth.

So...I've joined up with Beautycounter. More on that + a FREE SKINCARE GIFT here.

Also, this week’s…

Rail Trail & Yin-Yang trees, Nelson, BC

Rail Trail & Yin-Yang trees, Nelson, BC

Recipes + Links

A sweet recipe. And healing story.

Newly following. Though she's not new to many, many people struggling with co-dependance.

Currently watching. Of course full of badass, amazing women.

On love and finding lightness. Especially during the rough spots.

Do you have a not-so stranger? I have so many! Here’s to local characters + connections.

P.S., What can you radically let alone this week? xo.

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