Alchemist Academy is Open for Learning & Community!

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Woohoo! We're open!! I'm thrilled to announce that the inaugural Alchemist Academy course is up and running! This is an entirely online, self-guided intro course on Chinese herbology.

Roots + Shoots: An Alchemist Guide to Chinese Herbs

Photo by Cherry Lin, Unsplash

Photo by Cherry Lin, Unsplash

This first course is designed for students in their second year of Chinese Medicine school or beyond, as well as practitioners wanting badass review + community.

It’s perfect if you want to:

  • Learn, review (and remember!) Chinese herbs like a Boss

  • Take the stress out of tests + exams

  • Impress teachers, classmates + loved ones with mad herb wiz-dom

This 20-module, self-guided online program includes:

  • Audio lessons covering hundreds herbs in 19 categories

  • Written Cheat Sheets and audio reviews of What You Need To Know (plus keener tips + dad jokes)

  • A Big Ass Herb Chart (plus other helpful handouts + tools)

  • Practice quizzes + exams designed by a real live instructor who passed Chinese Medicine herb and acupuncture boards in both Canada and the United States (uh, that'd be me)

  • Free subscription to Alchemist Academy’s membership site


Yeah, but what’s it cost?

Truthfully, I had trouble pricing this offering – it was hundreds of hours (and, really, many years) in the making and contains the entire course that I taught in person at a Chinese Medicine college PLUS MORE.

Roots + Shoots covers a wealth of information in a super organized :), ease-ful (!) and fun (!!) format.

I would have LOVED to have had this self-guided course + study tool as a student – both while taking in-person courses (herbs as well as later formulas + therapeutics courses, for review)...and while in student clinic.

I also would have LOVED to have had it while prepping for boards in Canada and the United States...and while starting practice on my own, as a new practitioner.

Not to toot my own horn too loudly (do people still say that?), but someone who took an advance peek and creates online courses himself said:

"Based on what I saw, I can't fathom offering this for anything less than $500."

You know, I truly do feel it's worth that. But I also remember what it's like being a student, and I want to make this course super accessible.

So for now, it's available for $125 CAD.

Seriously, that's a steal. You have access to a whack of audios talking you through herb-by-herb (which you can download and listen to while driving, walking, etc.). AND you have all those Cheat Sheets and other notes in typed format (also downloadable).

Roots + Shoots truly covers Everything. You. Need. To. Know. in an intro herbs course...and way more. Plus, you get to move through + review on your own time, in your own way, and will have access to the material for as long as the course is up and running.

To sweeten the deal if you're on the fence, I've also created an affiliate program so you can Earn as You Learn.

Once you're enrolled, you qualify as an Alchemist Affiliate. You'll then earn 30 percent commission on any Alchemist Academy sales referred through your personal link. (This is totally optional but there for you if you want it – it'd be an easy way to make back your 125 beans.)

Ready to begin? Yeeeaaaah! Go here to learn more and sign up.

Photo by Hunter Leonard, Unsplash

Photo by Hunter Leonard, Unsplash

Not a Chinese Med student but still keen?

Contact me and we'll chat! I’m happy to steer you towards resources focused on the basics of Chinese Medicine, prepping you for studying herbs.

Another option is to take the course alongside a one-on-one Alchemist Masterclass. That’ll get you up to speed and make sure it all makes sense.

Also…stay tuned to hear about coming eating + lifestyle courses suitable for anyone (no Chinese Medicine knowledge required). Sign up here to be the first to know.

In integrity + alchemy.

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