Life is complicated. Here's how to make it easier.

For as long as I can recall – and long before minimalism and capsule closets became “a thing” – I’ve kept my belongings simple.

Not out of some pull towards asceticism…but rather, because I love the sense of lightness, ease and spaciousness it brings.

I love what it allows space for.

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Indeed, one of my indulgences of choice is been reading various blogs devoted to my kind of closets.

Ones that are simple.

Ones that feel “like you.”

Ones that make choosing what to wear easy – because you love all the options.

That's how my own closet works. And it’s how eating works for me too.

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Feeling at home in my clothes is important to me. So is buying fewer items that are higher quality and last a long time. If they’re produced in a sustainable, ethical fashion – all the better.

With food too, I find simple is better. High-quality meals on rotation – typically featuring protein surrounded by local, in-season veggies.

Nothing complicated. Nothing less than absolutely, positively delicious.

Photos by  Bobbi Barbarich

Photos by Bobbi Barbarich

Why? Because eating and dressing this way makes me feel good. It’s as simple as that.

It also opens up space…and brings ease. Having fewer choices – so long as they’re all *perfectly me* and *perfectly delicious* – just feels right.

And you? Where do you fall on the simplicity-to-complexity spectrum with clothing, eating and life? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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