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I saw a bald eagle hovering above my backyard two days ago. This would have been normal a couple months back but, without warning, the eagles disappeared.

Then, just as I’d started to give up scanning the skies, Eagle returned. Soon after, I got the email.

The one I’d been checking for every day for so long. The one that says I’m finally approved for Canadian permanent residency. The one that means I get to stay.

I have lived in British Columbia (and in Nelson, specifically) for longer than anywhere else in my adult life (and I'm now 44). I also completed my 5-year doctor training here and returned to teach Chinese Medicine.

Nelson is Home. Victoria is home. This has been a long journey with many twists, turns, tears and much. PR is approved. I am exhaling.

LingDao, at home

LingDao, at home

A testimonial

In other gifts this week, one of my coaching clients sent an unsolicited testimonial that touched my heart and made me tear up with deep, deep gratitude for my clients, this work, and my “why.”

Dana, you have changed my relationship to food. Since I don't have any major health or weight issues, I was a bit hesitant about spending the money on a health coach. But I'm really glad I made the investment in myself to really address my issues around sugar cravings and binge eating.

Through working with you, I feel like I've gotten control over food cravings and habits that weren't serving me, and have been building a simpler, more intuitive way of eating that changes with the seasons.

I've also found that the mindful approach you teach has carried into other areas of my life, including relationships, time management, tidying and budgeting. Working with you for the past three months has been transformative. Thanks again for your support, accountability and guidance.

~ Erin K.

Thank you, Erin, from my whole heart.

Backyard selfie – those greys!

Backyard selfie – those greys!


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Meanwhile, this week’s…

Home is where the heart is.

Home is where the heart is.

Recipes + Links

37 Dr. Seuss quotes that can change the world. “Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.”

What Goop really sells women. The basics of what works and what we truly need are really pretty simple. But the hope + possibility of "this will finally fix me" is So. Strong. Companies know that – and market it.

What I’m wanting lately. The simplicity, the silence, the serenity.

In appreciation of fennel…and redefining success. “My treatment year, what I’ve come to call that one I was told would be my last, taught me innumerable lessons. I stopped in my tracks, dropped everything, and examined every element of my life before picking it back up again. I had no idea what I was doing, but I figured that if my body had been a favorable host to cancer, then I needed to change everything that was recognizable, habitual, about it and hope to find a healthier me in there somewhere. I turned my determination and intensity inward, and approached my new life with laser focus. Shuffling my priorities caused me to figure out what truly mattered – cliché, I know, but profoundly true. The truth is, nothing mattered to me other than my relationships – foremost, my sons, my family, and closest friends. Creating things mattered as a means to inspire me, but ‘work’ – climbing the ladder, planning my next steps – didn’t. At all.”

A letter to a child, the day before kindergarten. “My job is to support and love you and encourage you – to protect you, yes, but not from a challenge. I want to step in when I see someone take your sand toy at the beach or your sister rages at you, but I also want you to be confident that YOU know how (or can learn how) to handle those circumstances on your own. It may not soak in until I am gone or you are a parent yourself, but I hope that you look back on your experience of me and see that I truly did the best I could to parent you. That doesn’t mean it will all look right by you, and I’ll be the first to say I’ve messed up, and will continue to, but I truly do delight in you. You are loved so completely by your family… From here on out, school will be a big part of your life and is just as much an education in people as it is in every other subject. Ask questions. Include people. Do your best. Choose grace. Speak up for yourself and others. ‘Cool’ is temporary, ‘nice’ leaves an actual impression – be nice. Home is always here. You will forever have a cheerleader in me. I love you so much, my baby.“ Be still my heart.

P.S., Where’s Home to you? xo.

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