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This past while, working with clients and with self, I’ve been returning again and again to a seemingly simple yet incredibly important place of practice:  Slowing down.

Not just while eating – though that’s part of it. But also in life, generally.


So valuable, in fact, that I’d planned a long post about it this week…but then my own pull toward busyness got the best of me.

The upshot: I haven’t managed to slow down long enough to write about slowing down! So instead, I offer this simple post as an invitation to practice with me over the next while.

I invite you to join me in finding places in your days (especially the busiest of days) where you can slow down, create space, cultivate spaciousness.

My favourite bowl, handmade by Chris Wolff

My favourite bowl, handmade by Chris Wolff

What’s this look like for me?

Well, I already go slow during meals. I truly savour those times – whether morning coffee, lunch or dinner.

Yoga is also part of each day, with morning and evening practices bookmarking my work hours.

These are intentional, non-negotiable places of slowing down, checking in, creating space.

Problem is, I’m unhappy with my compartmentalization of things.

Slowing down has so much to offer throughout a day – not just at isolated, scheduled intervals. I want more of it. The opposite is also true. Busyness is stressful, distracting and disconnecting. I want less.

This doesn’t mean I want to do less(And for many of you, doing less might not be an option.) But it does mean I’m working on shifting my relationship with busyness and rush – mentally slowing down and inviting in ease, even if what I “get done” holds steady.

Part of this work involves acknowledging the reality that our to-do lists will never, ever be finished. Another part involves changing small details in routine and context.

This week, for instance, I’ve been spending morning coffee time reading and studying like I used to (rather than jumping straight into email and work tasks).

These 15 minutes don’t affect how much I get done…but they do set a different tone for the day ahead.

When the day starts to get ahead of me, I bring my heart and mind back to that early-morning practice – pausing in remembrance of how I felt during those moments of slowness and stillness.

Post-yoga mood, photos by  Bobbi Barbarich

Post-yoga mood, photos by Bobbi Barbarich

Now back to you.

What are you doing to make “slow time” today? It can be really simple (oftentimes, the simpler the better).

  • Reclaiming morning or evening time (even just 10 minutes).

  • Slowing down to savour meals (and prepare them).

  • Noticing the feel of a hot shower (or scent of blooming flowers).

  • Easing your grip on that to-do list, which will never, ever be finished (and that’s okay).

Slowing down, creating space, cultivating spaciousness. Not easy, but so important.

If you join me, I’d love to hear how it goes – please share in the comments!

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