What's it okay to be alone with?

1 Minute Read: Being alone, introvert, solitude, mindfulness.

What’s it okay to be alone – and even lonely – with? As an introvert, I love alone time, solitude, deep quiet. Even loneliness seems sometimes needed.

Too much talking, too much noise, too much stuff – they make me claustrophobic, uneasy, unable to listen as closely or as deeply. Unable to touch into what’s really there, under the surface of things.

But I love connection too. And cherish my connections with others.

Alone time feeds those connections – helping me touch into and connect from my heart.

Photo by  Bobbi Barbarich

And you?

  • What’s it okay to be alone with?

  • What waits in that space for you?

  • Is it comfortable…or not so much?

I'd love for you to share in the comments!

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