Skincare as Self-Care, HUGE Beautycounter Sale & FREEBIE

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First, the time-sensitive stuff. TODAY, Beautycounter announced 15% off site-wide for Friends + Family – if you use my consultant link, that includes you!

Beautycounter has only done this sort of major, site-wide sale once before – a year ago! There are a few exclusions (mostly full sets + collections), but most everything is up for grabs.

Supplies are limited and WILL sell out. To sweeten the deal if you shop with me, I’m including a FREE Jade Roller on purchases over $125 US ($150 CAD). If you’re eager to start shopping, jump to the bottom of this post for instructions on that. Or if you’d like to window shop first…

One place to start:  A Better Beauty Spring Refresh

If you wear makeup, a better + safer beauty refresh is the perfect place to begin. Here’s a short list of what to toss + swap:

  • Mascara with carbon black, an ingredient linked to many negative health effects – swap for Volumizing Mascara

  • Brow gel with polyacrylamides, which are binding agents that may release known skin irritants – swap for Brilliant Brow Gel

  • Anything with artificial fragrances, as they may contain questionable chemicals (since there's no legal requirement to disclose what's in them, I suggest staying away) – swap for Makeup Made Safer

For something fun, add:

Another place to spring clean:  Safer Skincare

These are some of my favourite Beautycounter products, particularly since I mostly stick to serums, oils, masks and mists in my skincare routine: 

And…tidy up your skincare self-care.

When it comes to creating healthier, more supportive routines, spring is the perfect occasion…and skincare is a fun place to start!

  • Edit your products, keeping only what you love and making space for any new swaps. That old stuff that's just taking up space and not bringing you lightness and delight? Toss it.

  • Then clear out a special spot for keepers and new additions.

  • Each morning, spend 10 minutes on skincare self-care. Make it a mindfulness practice. Take your time. (It's just 10 minutes, so devote those moments to checking in and caring for you.)

  • Each evening before bed, do the same, spending 10 minutes on your skin and yourself. Go slow, do some self-massage or gua sha, make it mindful.

All this is of course excellent for your whole body + mind, so I encourage you to use healthy skin as a supportive theme, inspiring you to:

  • Edit and tidy your stuff and schedule

  • Make space for what brings joy and ease

  • Put new routines in place that feel good in body + mind

Bonus points for emphasizing skin-healthy food

  • Fish (especially salmon)

  • Loads of veggies (especially green stuff)

  • Avocado

  • Coconut oil

  • Bone broth

  • Collagen powder

  • Green tea and matcha

  • Water with a squeeze of lemon or lime

Back to that special sale…

Beautycounter’s 15% off sale is only around for a limited time...and is an awesome deal to share with YOUR friends + family.

I'd LOVE for you to forward this post to spread the word and help get safer products into more people's hands and homes.

Or, if you know people potentially interested, you could also join as a consultant yourself! That just means friends + family can purchase through your link, and you'll get special discounts and goodies. Contact me for details!

Also reach out if you have questions about any of the products or why, as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I use and recommend them. You can also read my post on that here.

Remember, the 15% off sale is only here for a short while + WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. The last time they did a big sale like this, stocks were depleted halfway through Day 1!

Lastly, don’t forget your free gift.

To get your Free Jade Roller on orders of $125 US ($150 CAD), note these important instructions when making your purchase:

  • STEP 1:  Purchase at my consultant link. The 15% off will be automatically shown + applied on eligible purchases as you’re shopping.

  • STEP 2:  Select JADE from the "Select a Social" drop-down list at checkout. This is how I'll know to send your free gift.

  • STEP 3:  Don't forget to choose a free product sample of your choice with every purchase!!

Have a skincare routine in place? Making any springtime swaps? Please share in the comments!

This post includes affiliate links. I earn a small commission on goods purchased through those links. I always select items I genuinely love and want to share. Thank you for helping me keep this blog up and running!

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