Beautycounter: Simple, Safer Skincare + FREEBIE

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Hi there...and some news... As I grow my coaching business, I'm making a new commitment to using and sharing simple, clean skincare products. 

After all, what we put on our bodies has a huge impact on health + wellbeing!

I want what goes on my skin to be as nourishing as what goes in my mouth. So...I've joined up with Beautycounter.

What's Beautycounter?

  • A woman-run business

  • A 100% safer skincare + makeup line (with bath + body stuff too)

  • A company that keeps toxic chemicals out of the products we put on our skin

Photo by Carolina Heza,   Unsplash

Photo by Carolina Heza, Unsplash

I'll admit, I was an unlikely candidate and hard to convince!

  • For one, I barely use any products myself – mostly just natural oils. (I don't even own shampoo!) 

  • For another, I have a whack of skepticism when it comes to mass marketing and the "clean beauty" industry.

When prescribing herbs & supplements, for instance, I use trusted suppliers who only sell through licensed health practitioners (including Doctors of Oriental Medicine, like me).

And have you read the labels of so-called "clean" or "natural" skincare products? Most are full of things I Do Not put on my skin – including known toxins, over a 1000 of which are banned in Europe but still legal in the United States!

So I went into it saying No...did some research...then switched to a Big Yes. 

  • Turns out, Beautycounter products are legit crafted with integrity, transparency, and a commitment to truly clean beauty.

  • And...they even have things for someone as minimalist as me (facial oils, for instance).

Photo by Nazym Jumadilova, Unsplash

Photo by Nazym Jumadilova, Unsplash

P.S., A Free Gift

Have I convinced you yet? :) 

If you're looking for a new, safer, skincare + makeup source, definitely check out their site here. As a consultant, I'll earn a small commission on any purchases you make. And as a thank you...

For the NEXT 10 DAYS, I'm giving away a FREE gua sha tool with purchases over $150. 

Facial gua sha has become part of my daily self-care routine (more on that here). It works beautifully with Beautycounter facial oils and serums.

Again, this bonus gift is only around for 10 days (and is just for Canada & US residents – sorry, my readers further afar!). 

***If your order exceeds $150, make sure to choose the FREE GUA SHA TOOL social at checkout.

If you're still reading after this (embarrassingly sales-y but totally genuine!) post, check out their clean beauty line-up right this way.

This post includes affiliate links. I earn a small commission on goods purchased through those links. I always select items I genuinely love and want to share. Thank you for helping me keep this blog up and running!

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